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Whatever happened to…

That mysterious person who sent messages to people just to get a reaction out of them? Maybe they’re off kicking and screaming somewhere over rainbow. They probably got tired and moved on by now. Like all four seasons, trolls come and go.

The real deal

I’m not a fan of all these hotshots celebrities that get big roles and animated movies such as Chris Pratt, doing Mario and Garfield. Or Seth Rogen doing Donkey Kong’s voice. When will these animation companies stop using big name celebrities and start hiring professional cartoon voice actors instead real cartoon voice actors actually create their own voices? These Hollywood celebrities just don’t do it for me. They’re not funny. boy, cartoons. These days are just not funny anymore. Whatever happened to the old days where a character would walk on fin air fall off a cliff and then have stars flying around his head? Now those are funny!

The people of Fetlife

The quality of people there are low, especially Vancouver BC people, in order to be successful there, you need the looks & connections, people on it are so picky choosy, if you're a average looking middle-aged male like myself with no female partner, then you're out of luck even with good hygiene (like me) & does not dress like a slob who just woke up after sleeping on the couch (such as I)....the internet shit really sucks

If only Gordon Ramsay visited my restaurant

I would tell him if you don't like the food, get the *bleep* out of here. The tofu chicken is amazing. Way better than real chicken. Corporate chefs don't know what they're talking about.

Somewhere over…

Skip the train over a yellow brick line now the train skips on you medical emergency delays delays should we look away? wash the matter resting in pieces but there’s no peace here things are dire when we’re too broke to pay attention except to look down Did you see the look of resignation? or was it panic desperation we can’t live this way I can’t tell you not to jump to another conclusion ends by any means some ends are just mean how to find another way click your heels to find there’s no place like home but does it even exist anymore Where can any of us go when life gets like this? we cross a yellow brick road knowing it’s been within us all along a means to escape now shoes glistened red something clicks into place we won’t live this way

Agreed 100 percent

Someone wrote a very classy post on here, saying how there’s nothing worse than watching someone shares their thoughts through the filter of what other people are doing. Not sure what type of experience you had, but you basically described my coworker. No one likes him. He’s very persistent when it comes to personal questions and does nothing, but bombard people with gossip. A lot of my colleagues are fed up with him. He shouldn’t even be working for our company anymore. If I was one of the higher ups, that person would’ve been terminated a long time ago. Boy, it amazes me how some people in the workplace are, without a doubt, unprofessional. Thankfully, he hasn’t contacted me in a while. But if he does, so, I’ll just tell him to get a life and block his number.

Enough is enough

I got tired of dealing with a nosey coworker that kept trying to middle in my business. That person did nothing but bombard me with ridiculous personal questions. This guy was intrusive and persistent. So I told him flat out to stop messaging me and never contact me again. His number has been blocked. Unless you want colleagues to resent you and complain about you behind your back, don’t be a snoop. Otherwise, it makes you look ridiculous. Just focus on your job. You’re not getting paid to pry into other peoples personal lives. Shape up or ship out.


I have two children and I don't think its any man I am dating's business until I am good and ready to tell them. I want them to get to know me first. The last 2 men have just disappeared as soon as I told them. My children are amazing. The men in Vancouver need to grow a pair.

Now And Then

While on the subject of AI, the Beatles released a new single using AI called Now And Then. A lot of people had this misconception that AI was used to fake John Lennon’s vocals. Not true. Instead, Paul McCartney used AI to clean up the sound quality of John Lennon’s voice in order to enhance the tape. Hard to believe that this final song by the fab four was made with AI because it sounds like a beautiful, psychedelic ballad. Of course, don’t expect Yellow Submarine, a hard days night, Hey Jude, or I want to hold your hand. It’s a different Beatles song. I still love and appreciate it. It’s better than a lot of the garbage you hear on the radio nowadays. Plus, it’s fun to play on guitar!


You brown toque and mustache on new west...

You complimented my green earbuds and earrings at the new west skytrain Station while waiting for...

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