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Misogyny is gross

Years after online movements, and a bazillion posters on my post secondary referring to positive spaces and feminism have done jack shit. Even white knighting/faux feminists have learned it takes less effort to pretend you're a progressive male than actually being one.

$580 million to host the World Cup? Let's see the details

We should demand 100% transparency of the costs to host the World Cup in Vancouver (and Toronto). Something seems bafflingly illogical about this... and we know bodies like FIFA are notoriously corrupt/hyper-capitalist institutions. "The "core cost" of hosting is now pegged at between $483 million and $581 million – approximately double the original range provided when Vancouver was named a host city two years ago. Inflationary pressures and updated FIFA hosting requirements contributed to the increased costs, B.C.'s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport said. Officials also originally anticipated hosting five games in Vancouver, not seven." My thoughts: - We already built the skytrain for the 2010 Olympics so infrastructure = already in place. - BC Place capacity is 54,500 and is set to host 3 Taylor Swift concerts in December 2024 - Whitecaps and Lions games are already enabled for TV broadcast, so the broadcasting ability is there. So I ask you... beyond some reasonable and expected costs, where does this half a billion $$$ +++ estimate come from? This is outrageous. Show the math, prove your work, give the public 100% disclosure of the costs. Contact your MPs and MLAs and local city council officials.

Tired of living in denial

I'm tired of living a lie. I am gay. I am 57 and only recently admitted it to myself . I looked in the mirror and just said it. "I'm gay". A flood of feelings came over me in that moment. I felt a heavy weight fall off me. It felt wonderful! But I was terrified at the same time. I couldn't believe what I was saying. I fought it and went back and forth for a long time but I am tired of the conflict. There's this cute guy who has flirting with me and I'm going to give him what he wants.

Time’s up

It’s true what they say you know, that when you’re at the end of your life you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. My time is coming to an end sooner than I expected, and I can definitely say that my biggest regret was not leaving a doomed relationship as soon as my gut instincts told me to. All those wasted years and now there’s no time left. So if I could do it all over again I’d risk more, adventure more, say goodbye to toxic people sooner, and not give a rat’s ass about the approval of other people about my decisions.

Job interviews

Had 2 interviews with company. Just saw that they reposted the job opportunity on all the sites. So now just waiting for that dreaded “Thank you but no thanks” automated email. You’d think they’d tell me first before reposting. I absolutely can’t stand this job market.

Lost Toy

I was scrolling through my camera roll of an old phone from 5 years ago and I found a photo I had taken of someone's dildo that had been dropped on the bus. I've since transferred the photo to more permanent storage. People would never believe the things I find on transit.


By sex I’m a Woman, but I’m gender queer. This isn’t a thing I really talk about but it’s what I am. I don’t identify with gender culture and am coming to terms with my gender queerness. While I don’t identify with the culture I am still incredibly impressed and in awe and proud of this body that carries me- this body of a Woman. I am a Woman by body and I shirk off any obligation to comply with a prescribed way of being a Woman (ie gender culture). Changing surveys and forms to ask from Gender instead of Sex was a step sideways not forward. Asking a pronoun instead of wither sex or gender would make some sense. That’s asking specifically how you wish to be addressed. Being asked Gender in these forms feels super invasive and in many cases is forcing some folks to out themselves in situations.

Growing up

So there’s this guy that I used to chat with a while back. He lives in the United States. I couldn’t relate to him since he basically didn’t want to grow up. His entire life revolved around watching children’s entertainment, day in and day out. Never watched any adult shows like a sitcom, a soap opera or even the news. He once said to me how watching kid’s shows have corrupted his life in many ways and has made him want to be a kid forever. No, I don’t think watching children’s entertainment makes him want to be a kid forever. He knows it’s not for his age, but he’s in denial. It seems to me more like he has Peter Pan syndrome. And if that is the case, it’s something he’s going to have to eventually move on from because life only gets tougher as you get older. It’s all a part of growing up.

Signed zero

The most prevalent theme for me this past year: Love or Death. But death seems to be winning out for it's realistic and appealing quality. I don't see it as negative. The prospect of finding, acquiring, keeping, and nurturing love not just for another person but also myself? Daunting. 0+

How is your hate working for you?

I feel truly sorry for people in the construction industry. Most of them, nearly every one of them are sad. They choose insecurity and ignorance, and wonder why their lives are filled with obstacles while they dish out hate to anyone not like them. Well, when your go-to is to openly hate people that you don't bother to get to know, you are begging for misfortune and people like me are happy to oblige. You don't know who the person you act mean to is or what they do, but when I meet people like them, especially ones who mention the company they work for, I flag them at work. These are the same people who come with hat in hand and wonder why people like me in power say "no". I don't just do that, I make sure to spread the word to other contacts and all relevant organizations. I don't bother with social media, I talk to industry contacts. No, not talk to them...warn them. So, next time you look for favours and someone says they can't help you, know that there's a pretty good chance you've screwed yourself indefinitely.


Sisters of Mercy Outside the Rickshaw

I inquired about the metal fest going on and we had a brief talk about metal genres and then...

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