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I could never take on a job in customer service. It is very exhausting to be nice to stupid people, especially ones who treat you like dirt. All for minimum wage? No thanks. I'm much better off working in a warehouse.

Hiding behind humour

I love a great sense of humour. I have one and the only type of partner I can handle must also possess that quality. However, there’s a difference between having a sense of humour and hiding behind it. When someone isn’t capable of responding in a sincere and open way to something involving real emotions and feelings, without resorting to trying to deflect the conversation by trying to be funny, it makes it very difficult to have a genuine relationship with them. To me this behaviour shows an insecurity and inability to truly connect with others, and ultimately, it means that you’re not likely to ever have a truly close relationship with anyone, because you can’t ever just get real.

Not working so....

I've been going thru the Confessions starting from the beginning - Feb '11. (a few months later was the last time I saw him) I'm not reading all of them, skim most of them... just read the interesting and/or the funny ones. Now up to 2017. See the ones that were to him and the ones that could of been from him.... some i hope are, some i don't. But there was one, that i haven't seen since that year, that really seemed like it could have been from him because it mentioned things that only he could have known along with his incorrect, although understandable, assumptions. What was the punch was learning that certain mutual aquaintances had been apparently (either innocently or not) suggesting stuff that was way off track. A friend asked why i would care about someone who would believe lies, but i understand why he would want to believe that. Choosing to believe that the other person is a bad person is easier than acknowledging that things didn't happen because of a lack of communication. I could have told him how i felt, sure. But logic seemed that - why would he want to be with somene who's only attractive on the inside when he could be with someone who's both inside and out (like him)? He probably thought i was contacting him to try for a 2nd chance, but if i didn't think i was worthy back then, i sure af am not going to think i'm worthy now. Plus even if i was worthy, i'm not into trying for another woman's man. It probably wouldn't have lasted (most older woman/younger guy relationships don't) but it would have been fuckin fun.

I miss lips

Everyone is in masks in my little part of reality. I saw a PICTURE of a woman with red lipstick and my body immediately told me I must be super stimuli deprived right now. BOING.

Here is to 2020

I followed all the rules, lost things and momentum from an amazing year like everyone. Wrote down the 3-4 things that matter to me. my #1, Face to face counselling for destructive recovering addicts may be allowed, but places aren't open yet. relapsing is not an option. But the #2 on my list opens tomorrow. They were happy to see me today as I socially distanced plunked down some cash got a speell of how to act tomorrow when I show up. life is tough. but life is beautiful. I felt young before all this and i'mma feel young in a couple weeks as I baby step emerge.

I ignored it the first time

after I tipped the coffee barista with no acknowledgement from her. No problem, it's a crazy time, our minds are all a bit distracted these days. Then I tipped the same person a second time, no reaction. I know it's only $1 on a $2 cup of coffee but that's a 50% tip for 30 seconds work poring a black coffee. If every customer tipped you $1 that would be a pretty good shift. I'm just sayin, a simple thank you goes a long way.

Death blow

The reopening rules make it absolutely impossible for me to keep my small business open and profitable. I have decided to give up and do something else. I expect I am not the only one. I believe the waves of unemployment and closures have only just begun. I believe Trudeau pumping money into everything will allow some business to survive for a bit by selling a dollar for 80 cents, but this can't last. They are going to have to loosen the rules soon or it will be the death of this country.

Pandemic faux pas

I sat kinda close to a girl the other day. I think she liked it.


I saw you in the emerald glow.

It was a radiant post-apocalyptic night. Our eyes met, and I knew that it would be safe to go...


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