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Usually I’m by myself on the platform when I’m getting on the Canada line in the morning. Then the announcement woman comes on and speaks about wearing a mask and washing your hands. She sounds just like a pandemic horror movie voice. At this point I would love to hear Seth Rogan doing them instead.

It smells like my dryer

My house has been using the dryer all day since it is the weekend. Everyone had to do their load of laundry. Instead of smoke, it smelled like laundry detergent each day when people were drying their clothing. Not sure what that does when it mixes in with smoke. It's a weird battle out there.


I lost my beautiful little pet who was not only a massive part of my life, but helped with my own depression and anxiety without judgement, only pure love and acceptance. Now that I'm a "grown up" I feel that I should be able to move on, but everything reminds me of him and life just feels like a horrible lucid dream right now. He will always be in my heart though. Never, ever let anyone tell you that it's stupid to mourn an animal - only pet owners understand this bond.

I like

... spinach, but whenever I cook it I'm disappointed. You throw a load in to wilt it and you're lucky if you get a cup back. It reminds me of a dick. It's there in all its glory, but expose it to anything cold and good luck finding it.


Saturday, I was feeling bleak with everything: don’t even need to list it out, you already know. I slept away the day depressed. Sunday early morning, I had a panic realizing I wasted and pissed away a whole day and lept into action all day Sunday. Sunday is more my style.


I just wish the world would end already. Trump, Covid, mass social unrest, fires, moths.....what’s next? Not too sure I want to stick around to find out! Sometimes I think it’s the people who want to hang on to this dysfunctional world who are the craziest!!


After years struggling with my mental and physical health, I'm scared that employment might only be a pipe dream. My goals have changed / had to be adjusted over the years. I've accepted that I'll probably never be able to work full-time. But is even sustained part-time employment a pipe dream for me?

Winter is coming

Even though I didn't see anyone for days, I shaved every day of the pandemic. Today I stopped.

Hints taken

I confess that I’m extremely sexually frustrated. Recently got back with someone with whom I have had a long and tumultuous on/off relationship. Unfortunately the sex is now almost non-existent. It’s one of the reasons we broke up the last time too. I care about him but if I’m not going to get laid then we might just as well be friends only. That means no more sleepovers at my place and no more freeloading on my data, groceries, and most importantly, my time. I’ve still got life and lust in this body and I’m going to go find a guy who actually appreciates it while I still can. He’s welcome to go find someone else too. This experiment can be considered a failure.


Quick hello

I was walking down Ontario street, minding my own beeswax, when I look over to see a beautiful...


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