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Too late now, he's 85.

My dad is 85 and bought another used car today. About a decade ago, he sat down and tried to count how many cars he's owned since the age of 15, the age you could legally drive in Saskatchewan. The count was 300 plus, a that was a decade ago. Buying a car is like going to the casino, the house almost always wins or less you have some special collectable, which father has never had. The house being the dealer selling you the vehicle since you're taking a loss on your trade in. The car is a year or two older and has higher mileage, so he loses a couple of thousand or more on every trade. He's lost a couple of thousand, in today's dollars for 70 years! I can't imagine if he just bought a car a drove it into the ground and replaced it when he needed to the amount of money that could have been saved and invested over the course of 70 years and the retirement he and mother could have had, never mind his carbon footprint. Is my dad sick or is he the bi-product of a sick and twisted culture? The fixation or fetishization of stupid sh#t apears to be pretty normal in this pathetic culture. It's not uncommon for people in this country to shake their heads in disgust at some other nation that's a mess or feel sorry for its people. Is what we're doing here really that much better? It's pretty warped if you take a step back and really look at it. Working to buy sh#t. What a waste of life and the planets resources. I feel sick and heartbroken today.

Groundhog Night

Every night. For years. Maybe a decade now. I lay awake unable to stop thinking about a relationship that should have worked. Should have happened. Why didn't it happen? Why the fuck didn't it happen? Then I drag myself out of bed, groggy and tired, snap my fingers and it's night again, on infinite loop.

I love promiscuous women

That’s the whole confession. I’m sure there are reasons for this, obscure psychological themes, social conditioning and whatnot. But it’s not a confession I’ve seen here before and it happens to be mine.

Pushing the thoughts away

I confess that I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts at some extremely difficult times in my long life. I have C-PTSD and it’s a constant battle to maintain my happiness and keep moving forward in spite of feeling worthless much of the time. I’ve conquered so many challenges, but this latest one just has me feeling like there’s no longer any point. I used to say that I’d never do it because I loved my family so much that I’d never want to hurt them like that. But now, I no longer have them and I’m just wondering what’s stopping me now. It just feels pointless to keep pretending and battling when there’s no one left to protect.

why so critical?

whenever i relax and just "chat" my husband has to pick up on something i say wrong. i'm not perfect, i may get a name wrong, pronounce it incorrectly or get a number or date wrong and he just POUNCES. "you're wrong!" like it's some kind of badge of honour for him. i don't love him as much as i could because of this very trait he has. so there. ahole.

I would like the love

of my life to look after me to pamper me and read my mind kindly

Cheers to conquering fears

I had a lot of odds against me growing up. Somehow managed to be somewhat successful, depending on how you define that. Finally at 28, I can say I’ve managed to build a life I’m proud of. I also didn’t turn out to be an addict - but even if I did, it really wouldn’t be that surprising considering what I’ve experienced - and I didn’t let the abuse I went through ruin the rest of my life. But, it can feel “strange” not feeling like I’m going to be punished. That I’m blessed and taken care of. I’m not used to this new life. And I’m just going to be ok with that. One day I’ll write a book because we all do have so much in common. Keep going, it’s a journey. Enjoy it.

Give it up!

What's up with all the 40+ dudes dating online who say they want kids someday, Vancouver? I'm a 36 year old woman and I'm finding it hard to find someone 'my age' who is realistic. If you're meeting a woman your age, she's most likely not going to be able to safely have kids closing in on 40 - if she even wants them. These dude just got their heads in the clouds? Or are they just looking for a 25 year old (also sounds like head in the clouds, to me). It just seems unrealistic, and like you're going to miss out on awesome people looking for an experience you're most likely too old now to get or enjoy. I know, I know - it doesn't matter, dudes can be 60 and have a kid. But really, what you should say then is that you want to have kids with a much younger woman and then do none of the work.

Can’t wait

For the rain to come and I can jump on the trampoline drunk in my bathing suit. Fucking love it here

Shelter worker

I work in a homeless shelter and I enjoy helping people, but I am frustrated at the mental health system in general. Everyday, I am seeing mentally ill clients are being dumped into homeless shelters instead of our healthcare system advocating them into supportive housing or organizations where they are care for and staff are better equipped. Unfortunately, once they get dumped into a shelter, I see our clients' mental health and/or addictions spiral out of control to a point where they are suicidal, in psychosis, unable to take care of themselves, or violent in the community. I give big thanks to all of the paramedics and police officers who respond to our calls for help. Everyday, I see our clients' eyes full of pain and hardly anyone cares about them. I do burn out and get frustrated, but my passion keeps me going for the clients. Every shift I am putting out fires to de-escalate aggression, intervening during a crisis, referring them to housing outreach, etc. I wonder how long will I last as a shelter worker and continue being frustrated at a system that doesn't care about mental health.....


Quick hello

I was walking down Ontario street, minding my own beeswax, when I look over to see a beautiful...


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