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Don't understand some roommates

I am actively looking for a place to live as well. I found the perfect place but the roommates want to do social stuff all the time. No, they are not 21 either. I just do not understand why working professionals who are already in a relationship and have family have to form these family relationships with their roommates. It just seems like the travellers are getting desperate and trying to suck us into their umbrella cult organization.


It upsets me when people who make twice a much money as me directly impact my life because they aren't trying to do their jobs properly.


I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful 2 year old baby boy. Due to COVID my husband now works from home and it has made things very difficult for us. He has taken over the kitchen table with his files and computers. Him going to work gave us space and time from each other. Now he is home all the time just working. I like my husband but I don't need to see him 24 hours a day.

At last!

So I read that Translink is making it mandatory for everyone to wear masks on the buses and skytrain come August 24th. Finally! Why did it take Translink so damn long to take this issue seriously? We are in still in the middle of a serious pandemic and the virus is not going away anytime soon. I’m glad action is being taken because I for one am fed up of disgusting, careless people standing so close to me, breathing down my neck . Either put your mask on or do not take transit at all.

I admit it .. it's unkind.

To refer to the unmasked occupants of cars bearing Washington State plates and refusing to mask up as AmeriKarens and AmeriKens. But I am not going to stop.


That’s my reaction when some guy I’ve never met greets me with “sweetheart”, “doll”, “honey”, or any other similar word. You’d be the last guy on earth I’d ever go out with. And before that guy who always comments that if the guy was 6’3” and hot I wouldn’t mind jumps in with his same old drivel, I’m going to ask you to please shut up because it’s obvious that you don’t have a clue about women and what we want.

I get annoyed by the 'communal' types

I once rented a place in a shared house and I was surprised that I was being forced to share my food. They mandated that the food was not mine somehow. They would drink, party, and take my food. I got out of their quickly. I don't know what's wrong with these people, but they were in their 30s. They seemed greasy.

A thought about schools reopening

As a post-secondary student required to take an in-person class this fall, I know that with my program's attendance policies, I can't afford to miss class. How many other people will be in the same situation?

Summer of love, alone

I've spent most of my free time the past few months taking gentle doses of mushrooms and going off on lesser-known trails to hike and run my way through the mountains alone all day. I make pits stops at secret waterfalls and swimming holes to cool off with skinny dipping. It's been the most effective form of therapy I've ever done. I no longer have that persistent rain cloud hanging over my head when I wake up every morning. I am grounded and powerful in my femininity and body in a way I never have before, completely removed from the petty stress of having interact with people who just drain my energy, and fully in love with life. I never want this summer to end.

It's time to digest my dinner

When I feel like I had a lot to eat, such as a big meal of moose, and I am going to have trouble digesting it, I pour myself some water with lime. I swear by it. I have it in the morning regularly and my digestion is perfect. 60 cents * 365 days a year is worth it. Yes, math is allowed on the confessions. Don't downvote me because of the math please.


Breka on 4th. Eyes locked more than once

I think it was B.C. day around 8pm. I was riding my bike up from the beach to Breka Bakery on 4th...


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