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Give it up!

What's up with all the 40+ dudes dating online who say they want kids someday, Vancouver? I'm a 36 year old woman and I'm finding it hard to find someone 'my age' who is realistic. If you're meeting a woman your age, she's most likely not going to be able to safely have kids closing in on 40 - if she even wants them. These dude just got their heads in the clouds? Or are they just looking for a 25 year old (also sounds like head in the clouds, to me). It just seems unrealistic, and like you're going to miss out on awesome people looking for an experience you're most likely too old now to get or enjoy. I know, I know - it doesn't matter, dudes can be 60 and have a kid. But really, what you should say then is that you want to have kids with a much younger woman and then do none of the work.

Can’t wait

For the rain to come and I can jump on the trampoline drunk in my bathing suit. Fucking love it here

Shelter worker

I work in a homeless shelter and I enjoy helping people, but I am frustrated at the mental health system in general. Everyday, I am seeing mentally ill clients are being dumped into homeless shelters instead of our healthcare system advocating them into supportive housing or organizations where they are care for and staff are better equipped. Unfortunately, once they get dumped into a shelter, I see our clients' mental health and/or addictions spiral out of control to a point where they are suicidal, in psychosis, unable to take care of themselves, or violent in the community. I give big thanks to all of the paramedics and police officers who respond to our calls for help. Everyday, I see our clients' eyes full of pain and hardly anyone cares about them. I do burn out and get frustrated, but my passion keeps me going for the clients. Every shift I am putting out fires to de-escalate aggression, intervening during a crisis, referring them to housing outreach, etc. I wonder how long will I last as a shelter worker and continue being frustrated at a system that doesn't care about mental health.....

Can you hear me

Did you ever wonder how thin your apt walls are ? I can hear other people. Wonder what they can hear ? Would answer a long standing question ? Wouldnt it ? Listening in. Being in a loop you were never invited onto. Some people are just that transparent ! View the world from a different perspective. Different accesses abound.

I'm doing fine back in college

my meals are mainly hamburger helper and cereal, but if I put tobasco sauce in the hamburger helper, I get my vitamin c. I think why waste money on student loans. government owns you.


I have a huge crush on an old acquaintance. I'd only talk to him alone but a handful of times, because he made me super-nervous, I liked him so much. Pretty sure he felt the like-eachother-vibes, too - but I was married and I'm pretty quiet/shy. I'm single now and find myself looking him up on social media (where we are connected), wondering how he is, and - now - it looks like we're both single. Would it be crazy to reach out to this guy and say: "Hi, don't know if you remember me but I can't stop thinking about you"? It feels a little crazy. But, also - what is this year, anyway?? Might as well take a chance, right? Who doesn't like to hear someone has a crush on them? Should I tell him I like him just out of the blue?

54-46 was my number

I put on some Toots this morning when I woke up, I wanted to brighten another smoky morning. But as I listened I totally lost it and started crying and sobbing. Toots was a saint of reggae, and his music has brought so much joy to the world and we have so many good memories of him and the Maytals. We will miss you Toots. We love you Toots. Rest in power.

Am I a creep?

I don't dress the best or the worst... but somehow, I get the feeling that I do not fit in anywhere. It may have something to do with my appearance. I tan dark olive and people always think I am from somewhere else (I really hope this isn't the reason)... but I've noticed, all throughout my life, people do not trust my face for whatever reason. I am not super attractive, but I think I'm alright to be honest. I was bouldering (which is just climbing without much height and on mats) and I asked a woman if I could do laps between her set of laps, as people just sit idly when they are resting between sets. I tried to be as polite as possible, and kept at least 4 meters between us. Oddly enough, I saw no earbuds or anything and I was completely ignored. Not even a no or a head-shake. Since we were wearing masks, I eventually said "Sorry to bother you.... but I don't know if you can hear me. Is it okay if I can do laps here?". Still no response... and due to Covid, I certainly didn't want to get closer. This was already really strange. I don't see why I would want to walk any closer. I was just getting a bad vibe. I am losing hope in this society (or maybe just Vancouver). One cannot even be as polite as possible without being labelled a weirdo or a creep in Vancouver... and no, it's not the sort of jock-gym where people are hitting on each other. We're pretty LGBT+ friendly and so on in there. So, I really have no idea what the deal is unless she is deaf or I have the most untrusting face, ever... even so, should less attractive people get treated like they do not even have a right to exist?

Can't stop trying to keep up

I actually hate this about myself. Certain things make me completely inadequate as an adult. I don't want to go into detail. I just feel like the loser teenager I've been feeling like, oh 30 years now. I don't think I'm trying to keep up with the Joneses. But maybe I am? All I know is it doesn't take much for someone like me to feel like I've failed.


We have shared laundry in my building and I had laundry in the dryer. I try to make sure I'm back down to collect it a few minutes before the cycle finishes, but yesterday I was a few minutes late and walked in to find my neighbour was folding my laundry. While I appreciated his act of kindness, I was a little taken back that he was folding my thongs with a pair in his hands. I quickly left with my laundry, squirming with awkwardness and embarrasment. Who folds thongs?? There's nothing to them! I'm staying with my laundry from now on and I'm dreading seeing my neighbour again.


Quick hello

I was walking down Ontario street, minding my own beeswax, when I look over to see a beautiful...


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