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2 Week Incubation Period

I live in a place with very high daily numbers. Two weeks ago I met a person inside my "bubble" at the equivalent of Kits beach. Since then, I've had the same sensation of worrying and waiting for the next menstrual cycle in case of an accidental pregnancy.

I never thought I'd say this

but I am actually feeling very fortunate to be in my 60's and in the latter third of my life. Right now with the global pandemic and now it's announced that we've got the worst seasonal storms coming in history. The storm thing is only going to get worse with climate change. I feel sorry for all you young foks out there.

Still phase 2

I'm really surprised to see some people travelling to places in BC that have been very vocal about not wanting visitors to come until Phase 3; which is still over a week away. If they love the place so much wouldn't they want to respect their wishes. Also, it's not all that long to wait.

Coming to town finally!

Jollibee! Isn't that just jolly, or what! I cannot wait to eat !!!! Yum yum! Hooray food!

Too close to home

On my social media today everybody was talking about America but no-one would touch alcoholism. Day 11 sober if anyone cares.

Allergies, Covid and Work

Has anyone else been suffering from allergies and not been able to go to work because customers/clients might mistaken you for having Covid?

Miss the Office

I am glad to have a job and my health, but I do miss the office. I feel more productive there and miss getting up for a stroll to use the washroom, get a drink of water, ask a colleague a question etc. Strapped to the chair the whole day is a pain in the back (not neck-back).


Here I am, in my 30s, excited to go and visit my younger brother because I watched a few videos about The Legend of Zelda timeline split from OoT and my mind is blown. I haven’t played any of the games except OoT so it was like a whole new world opened up to me.


I Saw You in Costco

I saw you in Costco. You were wearing a very artistic corgi face mask and bought what could only...


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