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What about the other numbers?

We get a running daily total of COVID deaths and people who've tested positive. How about a running total of people who've committed suicide, domestic abuse and people out of work compared to what they were before the virus (have those numbers all gone up)? I get the government wants to save us from ourselves and not have everyone get sick all at once, but aren't there other options? Can we not implement something like Taiwan and have a balance between regulation and the norm? Isolation is making people crazy.


PRO: I'm not self-isolating with my ex. I wish them the best, but some people can't be helped. CON: No way this pandemic finishes without me developing a drinking problem.

Date distancing

Who knows maybe social distancing could be a good thing when it comes to dating... forcing us to take things slow and not jump into bed right away (or for months)... plus it may give us more reason to try activities together other than dining out or drinking at pubs... but I confess that I could really use some contact...


It’s kind of fun watching the extroverts deal with sheltering in place. Videos of themselves exercising and dancing at home. I take great pleasure in watching their attempts at getting attention while enjoying my solitude. But the secondhand embarrassment is real.

Sick of my "roommates"

I’m trapped inside with the wife, kid and worst of all a teenager. I don’t really like any of them right now and know they don’t like me!

Granny Panties

I wish I had more pairs. Sitting around the house in constricting lace thongs is super uncomfortable. I guess this is probably the time to go commando. What was I thinking?


Can I just find someone to sit around and talk about random stuff with like how each of us thinks the Stonehenge was built? Or maybe what the pyramids were actually for and what we think the hieroglyphics actually mean? Or just why we're here? I need people like that in my life....

Now what...

I've watched Tiger King 2x and all of Nacros for a 3rd time...I think I've seen all of Netflix and Disney+ is lame. Release more stuff Netflix!!!!

Heavy breathing joggers

I confess that I’m the ‘crazy bitch’ who extends my dog’s leash 2 meters when you jog past me on the Seawall in such close proximity that I can smell your b.o.. Doctors say that running increases the chances of producing micro-droplets that can transmit the virus from person to person, if too close. So , if you’re gonna take up jogging during a pandemic (ya, talking to you running in your Vans) , then respect the distancing metrics or I’ll do it for you .

The strong friend

I'm "the strong friend". The one who seems to have it all together, to never lose their shit, to always be a pillar. Little do my friends know, I am deeply emotionally traumatized, and I've never been given the chance to open up about it, especially because of said emotional trauma, this is as close to opening up as I'll ever be. And what they really don't know is, without their friendship, and without feeling like a pillar that is needed in their life, I'd probably off myself. I think about my friends who rely on me and it keeps me going. I could never let them down. The thought of leaving them or hurting them in such a way is far more disgraceful than my view on my own life. How crazy is that?


Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. ...

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