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I ate magic mushrooms

today and I've come to the realization that they have served their purpose in my life and I'm ready to move on. I was going to cap my day off with Molly... but I'm on my way to flush it. Life awaits.


A big thumbs up and thanks to those civilians who would not hesitate to stand up to goofs on transit, sidewalks and shops. You're out there and silent..but when we need you- you step forward. Thanks to all of you who stepped up and made a difference.

Vaping vs smoking

It seems that smoking is safer than vaping. I still remain a smoker and never a vaper. Your lungs are NOT supposed to have fucking water in them you idiots. Keep vaping...weed or nicotine..doesn't matter as they both do the same thing to your lungs. Vaping has only been out for a couple? years now and it's already been linked to a death. I been smoking for over 15 years and I'm still alive. Hmmmm......I'll stick with smoking.

In Retrospect

I thought 10 years after getting rejected from a Beautiful Young Lady I'd enjoy her transformation into a Yeasty Slop Flopper. Only now I'm the kind of guy who still inexplicably creeps a YSF online, instead of finding more BYLs.

I’m not a good dweeb

I hang out with left leaning nerds but the only problem is that they think I am being offensive when I am simply discussing their ideas critically (while trying to agree with them). Is this education in 2019? Why is everyone such a political douche nowadays?

I am so lucky to be

relatively healthy. I am 66 years old and I see many of my neighbours having difficulty get around the neighbourhood with their walkers, canes and wheelchairs. I'm very grateful to still be physically fit and mobile. All those years of working out in the gym are paying off now.


Looking forward to the colder months when I can start taking pictures at beautiful Wreck beach again. I’d do it now but I’m afraid of being attacked by nudists

Rolling eyes

My dog has arthritis and can't walk more than a block (slowly) before she starts to limp. Rather than forcing here to have a life stuck in my living room I bought a pet stroller so I can take her with me around the city on long walks. She loves it. However, every single day I get eye rolls from multiple people. I wonder if they would still be so judgmental if they knew about her condition.

An honest day’s work

Currently there’s a CBC documentary on three restaurant dishwashers in Montreal. I have so much respect for these dishwashers because they put in a real, honest day’s work. They’re not looking down staring at their smartphones. They’re not frauds and pretending to be something they’re not. They don’t talk their way out of work and they don’t use talk as a smokescreen to hide failures and shortcomings. They don’t brown-nose to elevate their status. They’re simply busting their ass, soaked in sweat, getting their job done and being part of a successful team. In my office, apparently you can fuck up, not do your job, and continue to get paid handsomely, month after month. I have more respect for the “dish pigs” (name of the documentary) than the so-called “office professionals” that I have to work with.


Sunday Drive

You, and a friend, were in a black muscle car. I was the blonde in a white convertible with a...

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