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In Love, if only....

If you are changing me under the name of growth or anything else it's not welcome. If I need to change to set the world right for you then we are not right together. I had to confess, because if another guy friend or girl friend gives me this story I am going to seek painkillers.

DI "Y"

If you don't like the way I do things for you, then do it yourself.

God I'm lonely

Have you ever been so God damn lonely that you literally want to pay someone to watch a movie and cuddle? I'm just so desperate for some semblance of human connection. To hold someone and feel their skin against mine


Having never in my life had an issue with empathy and in fact the opposite as I am ever looking for the good in everyone these days, I am quite shocked that some people have to practice being empathetic. I have to hold myself back. Where is the natural empathy in you people and do you presume it makes you have "superior" type of empathy or more professional type if you learn "how to"

Writers need to do their homework

When I am reading anything at all written about someone else other than the writer, it is appalling to note that some writers try to sum people up with a few words or paragraphs due to the manifestation of their own ego/bias in their writing because to me yes it might be based on the person but it is a stereotype and they obviously did not do their homework properly . Friends who make mistakes can be forgiven but if the writing is done as a news item or to publish even on the internet it seems the writers need to do more self examination and also practice transparency to reveal their own biases in using particular words and phrases and even situations to sum up another person. No one can know until they walk in that other person's shoes and I would go so far as to say until you are in their skin you have no clue how they feel or why they do things or not. You should never be so arrogant towards another human being in my opinion.

I got my heart broken by a beautiful cougar.

She turned out to be a big cheetah. She said she loved me too but she was lion about everything. She told me I was a tiger in bed, but I'm the one with claw marks down my back. I thought it was just guys who behaved like alley cats, but some women are like that too. Oh well, gender equality and all that, eh? I guess I'll just hack up the fur ball from it and move on with my life. Or maybe just lay around and lick my own ass for a while, until I'm feline better again. Me-fukkin-yow...

Nice guy

For the past few years I have been content with my little apartment, with my humble job. I am getting older, and realizing that I do desire more than this. I would like to maybe start a family some day, but how does one provide and protect when a house costs a million dollars? I need a plan, but what? I want to rise up but the path is not clear.

Low Key

Hey, I'm just good with re-watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation after getting home from work for the long weekend.

Just Sayin'

I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Hot Hot Hot!

Tiny dick

There are a bunch of dudes in my building who have project cars and motorcycles in the parking lot. When they work on them, they always rev the engine so much more than necessary, it's pretty annoying. I get that you need to check if things work every now and then, but not everyone in the building shares your love of cars/motorcycles. When you rev the engine 20 times you are just being an asshole.


Server at Gerard Lounge

You’re a server at the Gerard Lounge in the Sutton Place Hotel. You’re tall, brunette, and a...

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