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I find that I have to gargle with listerine before I drink a glass of water because drinking water with bad breath first thing in the morning is disgusting.

Stockholm syndrome

I must have stockholm syndrome because I can’t stop inexplicably fantasizing about the other side’s mouth during heated arguments and fervent disagreement.

Failure of Leadership

I have to admit to my pure and utter frustration. If we truly had a Mayor or Parks Board that were leaders there would be nothing happening at Sunset Beach on Saturday.. Cordon off the streets for the weekend for 8 blocks and only allow resident vehicles to have access (they do it on fireworks nights). If these nimrods are truly determined fine them every hour that they do not take down the structures they are erecting. Better, get an injunction that allows you to arrest anyone that continues to set-up for this event without a permit. Also, 3 days before the event raid The Dispensary and throw Larsen’s defiant ass in jail for running an unlicensed marijuana operation. If, at the end of the day it continues on, flood the area with by law enforcement officers and police and fine everyone smoking in a public park to the maximum $2000.00 fine. Problem solved.

Straight to his head

My newly appointed manager's head is getting bigger as the days go by. He's been my *b word* since the 1st and he was OK until this week. If he changes things...whatever it may's not going to be a good work environment. I'm already wound up...don't push my buttons because there are many of them at this point and you like to touch.

Good luck Alberta!

Everyone is trying to hate on your success, but I support you because I am truly a Canadian!

You don't know fear until

You've just had stomach/abb surgery while fighting a 30 hour constipation streak, on one hand you can't cough,sneeze,bend,lift or even breath without pain and then the other hand has it so your filling up with gas and go knows what causing excruciating pressure and the only way out of it is to push it which you can't because you'll pop stitches and bleed out so you then have to take some medication to helo ot along the way....this may be one of the most dread filled nights of my life, I may die on the toilet tonight and if I do, I leave you all with this! Don't so in for surgery unless you're running on empty! May your bowels flow and let go, goodbye world!!!

I admit

Im insane but i seriously just want to eye fuck her all day

Get It Together

Its so hard to find a guy with his shit together. I mean how hard is it to have a career and an apartment of your own. It doesn't have to be in some swanky building just a place of your own with no roommates. I am tired of dating guys who are in their 30's who either live at home or share a 1 bedroom with 2 other guys. Its just not romantic. For the love of God guys get your shit together.

Right to balance Left

There just too much PC b.s. out there. I hate the radical left as much as the radical right. I secret want the right to be there to tell the left to stfu.

A good day!

Well I think it’s about time that I post something positive. Today was a very good day and I feel genuinely happy for the first time is a while. Two of my (grown) children are happy and not in need of my help for a change. Huge sigh of relief! I finally got a great haircut and I was told by a total stranger that they couldn’t believe my age (I’m a senior) when they found out, because they genuinely thought I was in my 40’s. All in all, in spite of the regular shite that is my life recently, it’s a very good day!


Parthenon Greek Market

You were a tall redhead with a septum ring and I was a short girl with a shaved head and a red...

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