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Things some men do...

I confess. There are some things that some men do that make me cringe. Such as: putting their hand on my back to “guide” me. As if I can’t manage to get there on my own. Mansplaining topics that are either self-explanatory or otherwise well known. Even worse when they offer advice or opinions on a subject I’m either an expert in myself, or one in which they have NO experience or expertise (and in which I may also have equal knowledge). Assuming that I couldn’t possibly know anything about things like construction or mechanics, when in fact I’ve had more experience with both of those things than they have! It’s 2020. One would think that by now more males would know that females are much more accomplished and experienced in many matters that fall outside of traditional “female” roles. To those males who are still trapped in the previous century, please educate yourselves and stop behaving like an imbecile.

A COVID-19 Change

I moved closer to work in the fall of last year and when COVID hit I halted my transit usage. I began walking to work and it has saved hundreds of dollars. Thanks COVID - You are good for something.


This friend of mine is pressuring me to organize a baby shower for her. She hasn’t even asked how I’ve been doing these last 9 months. Daily, I have to maintain my own sanity: unable to see my aging parents, helping out my unemployed single parent sibling, everything in my life being canceled, worrying about my asthmatic kid getting Covid at school. It’s not my job to ensure you get presents for your baby and you’ve made it obvious that’s the only reason you want to see all the girls get together. We’re all dealing with our own sad shit. Organizing a get together for gifts is so low on my priorities and what are we supposed to do anyway, do it outside at a park?

Missed connections confession

I don’t know if people still post on the Missed Connections section of Craigslist anymore. Several years ago I made a post hoping to connect with a woman who left an impression on me at a coffee shop. I never heard back but I did get an email from a viewer who commented on my post and wished me good luck with finding that woman. Our email thread conversation unravelled into flirting and eventually we met in person. She was married and had three kids, but as a young man that didn’t phase me. Pay attention to your wives or someone else will.

Thirty Four

34 units in my building. And I'm pretty sure I am the only person without a significant other. What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I meet someone and form relationships like normal people! I'm sick of being alone and lonely! I want to connect with people! But I don't know how. I go for walks alone at night, I see into houses, the cozy spaces, the families, the Christmas trees. I have nothing in my life that I feel connected to, no sense of home or belonging, no community. It gets worse every day and every year.

A love for Main Street

Slowly but surely it is changing. Hipster restaurants that made vegetarianism a culture in east van have parted ways for an ethnic explosion of newness. a vibrance of fresh tastes and fresh styles. When the foundation closed, it felt like the end of an era, one that started with the foundation. I felt like my 20's were a revolution along Main Street, but I got old. to see the new wave coming and it being a youth wave of deliciousness warms my soul.

Hair cuts and my focus

I really just want a super hot woman to cut my hair and massage my scalp. I'd pat $50 if that was the case.

Pom Pom Toques

One aspect of winter I really enjoy is the toques, especially the ones with a furry pom pom on top. They're fun to look at and give off warm and fuzzy vibes.

Plebeian sophistry...

Skeptics are fascinating... Flat earth people... Anti vaccine people... Anti mask people... Whenever I meet one... I really am interested in how they think. There's no animal that behaves and thinks this way... It's really so fascinating - I should have been a psychologist.

Sorry but

I confess. Every time I see a high-end black or white vehicle, my mind immediately goes to “drug dealer” or “money laundering”. I watch the news. Almost every single time it shows a vehicle implicated in crime, it’s a high-end vehicle that’s either black or white. Oh, and let’s not forget the fancy hubcaps. Hint: anyone who doesn’t want to be associated with crime: pick ANY other colour!


Flying Beaver Server (Beaver 95 shirt)

You were my server that night. You are absolutely stunning. Brunette, beautiful eyes, would love...


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