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100 people got the ax today

Including me. My reaction is acceptance. I have no anger, I’m not even bummed, I’m not taking it personally because I wasn’t singled out. It’s just a job. I have no mortgage and zero debt so I’m in a good place financially. My investments are growing. Maybe this is the summer where I just read on the beach and go for long bike rides and walks. I am not crushed because I don’t like being tethered to my computer 8-9 hours a day if I don’t have to be. I’ll get another job.... after summer, when the days are short and when the rains take over. This summer is mine.

Greatest dream

I have two nephews. I would like to be a part of their lives one day. My greatest dream is that they will research their father's family and try to contact us one day. Please keep an eye on who your children start dating, so that they aren't sucked into cults and cut off from all friends and family, like my brother was.


It's been about 10 years since I received my graduate degree and about 10 years since I ran far away from all the related academic bullshit. I found university a terrible, stifling environment and an enormous waste of time. I left and saw the world while acquaintances and former friends stayed to fight over part-time positions and recite the names of philosophers. I know I made the right choice but I feel bad for those that didn't. I try to imagine maybe personalities exist that 'enjoy' the vibe, but I can't see how that could ever be true.

Women on Tinder

This isnt your typical complaint about how Tinder favours women. That much is obvious, and its also for good reason. I dont expect to get matches, I dont even expect a response given how well Tinder has gone in the past. But what I do expect is that people include a picture or at least something to go on. Your "funny" graphic and your favorite cheeky quote will get a hard pass.

The best way

The best way to make yourself noticeable, is by NOT making yourself noticeable. When we are attracted to someone, or when we want to make a good impression at work, or simply get someone's attention, 99.9% of people would go out of their way to make themselves known. However, since this is most people's subconscious go-to strategy to get someone's attention, the best way to stand out is by not engaging in this behavior! When I go to the gym I see all these guys going out of their way to bend over in front of me, or work out really close to where I am, and even start dancing with their headphones on while working out! The only reason why you would dance and move your body to the beat of the song you are listening to while working out, is because you want to get someone's attention. However, I find that I'm normally attracted to guys who are quieter, and don't try to purposely draw attention to themselves by engaging in this childish behavior. Thoughts???

Local lingo

I met up with an acquaintance I had met once before to buy something of hers. We chatted politely for a couple of minutes and she told me "see you soon!" when I was departing. It felt incongruent as we had not made plans. Shall I take it as simple politesse, or take her up on it?

Not interested

My straight married friend at work flirts and hits on me a lot, especially once he realized I thought he was cute. I imagine if anything happened from it that I'd be blamed for taking advantage of him. I think the whole vibe is gross, and this kind of game playing is a total turn-off. I hate predatory guys like that. I don't find him cute now, that's for sure. I'm avoiding him and looking for another job. He should call his wife.


I've just completed my census. I don't remember it taking 5 minutes? I didn't do the last one either and that wasn't my choice so it's been awhile since I've done one of these.

I am a man...

I am a man. Over the years, there have been times when I thought that some men wanted to be with me. I remember deciding that if they did, I would try to do what they wanted. To do oral sex for them. To let them sodomize me. But, it never happened. Instead of feeling relieved, I felt disappointed. I wanted to know what it would have been like, to swallow their come. To feel them move and ejaculate inside me. And now, I will never know.

One Good Thing About Covid

Is there's no longer bulk foods at Superstore. Not sure about other stores though. There's many things I have wanted to try, but never did due to the hundreds of times I've seen little kids with their snotty/pissy hands pawing through the candies, buns, nuts etc.


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