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Kids these days

They love the government. It's shocking. I think they're in for a rude awakening... when they figure out the government will not help them :)

Eating and walking is illegal in Japan

I just learned this and it blew my mind. No potato chips while walking down greasy Robson Street? Imagine that... How will I brush my hair full of grease if it's not on the go after a snack?

Somewhere it's out there waiting

I just want unconditional love. I want to be with someone who will stick it out even if we can't fulfill what each other fully needs when we need it. I want the kind of love where our trust in each other is continuous and certain, where loyalty and kindness reign. I want to have the kind of love where neither of us would ever feel the desire to cheat, because we are enough for each other. So, God (or who/whatever is out there), please stop sending me narcissists. I'm ready for real love.

Rapists in Vancouver

I get super angry when I hear about women getting sexually assaulted in this city. There are meaningful and non-violent ways to help change things for the better, but I have a hard time ignoring the raging thought of hunting these scumbags down, cutting their balls off, and leaving them to bleed to death in the street. I know that's terrible, but what is being done to these women, I feel, is worse, absolutely barbaric.

Overly entitled brain-dead peace & quiet disturbers

Why do we put up with motorcycles and cars that have been PURPOSELY modified to be LOUD...we have all been disturbed by them, yet when we do nothing about them...WHY aren't these societal miscreants ticketed by the police multiple times each and every day....hit them where it hurts ( in the wallet ! ) until they STOP driving their penises around

Stroller Patrol

When white women in their 30s get short hair cuts: this is the END. This is you signaling your full transformation from My Possible Sex Fantasy into Your Mom. May as well get yourself a pair of comfortable sneakers and a Land's End catalogue.

Hi stranger

I am going to have to start talking to strangers. I've wasted tons of time on dating apps and basically I cant get a match or a reply to save my life. But I'm not a troll! I'm at least average! I want to meet people so maybe I will have to talk to strangers. But I don't want to be a creep, I just want to be friendly and if you don't want to talk that's cool, just tell me, but please don't be mean.

mad over the vacancy tax?

yes it's true that every property owner needs to pro-actively prove that their properties are truly being rented.... I've seen some vancouverites online get mad about this, talking about gov't overreach. I think u're just mad that the gov't is smart enough to know that if they let u just be honest most of u would lie lie lie and the vacancy rate would plummet to 0% all of a sudden and $0 taxes would be collected. landlords in vancouver have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the renters. I have been screwed over by one landlord after another, and many of them will break the law 'cause they can. at least the RTB is starting to be more tenant friendly now. the gov't is smarter than u. they know that if landlords had their way this city would implode. taking and taking from the renters until we have nothing to lose. that's not a place u want this city to be in.


I am one of these stop and smell the flowers kind of guys. And I confess that when I stop to smell flowers now, I don't smell anything. Is there a place in Vancouver that I can actually smell the scent of a great flower or am I doomed to not have that in Vancity?!

About that rainy cake....

You said I was destroying it with suspicion, but we both know that’s not true. I meant exactly what I said; suspicion is created when someone refuses to lay their cards on the table and continually evades any conversation where openness and honesty are necessary. You’re about as slippery as they come; a master at avoidance. But don’t you know that a lie by omission is still a lie? I believe that I was right that you only contacted me after all this time because your other relationships had both ended. As you’re well aware I’m extremely vulnerable right now due to my situation, and the last thing I need is the additional stress of trying to decipher what the hell you want from me. I’m not interested in being just another “friend”, and I can’t imagine that anything with you is ever going to change. I know you read these, so either call me prepared to get real and serious, or leave me alone forever.


At the Gogol Bordello Concert

I saw you right as soon as I walked into the Commodore. Your buddy and you were leaning up...

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