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So i miss you much.

I still confess this my love is still there, i swear I felt you with me after I was arrested last long weekend Friday yes it was such a fun time. Surrprisingly though not as bad as you'd think. I got shit to do now when i feel its right ill find you cause ilu and thats well as say that. Thank you for all your help i think i may forget to say that to you. Im out. Recovery is on my plate atm gl syas.


Not a fan of Trump or any other people just talking for living but I like the way be blew up couch crusaders bandwagon hoppers such as politicians jumping on no brainer pc stuff like global warming, womens rights etc to stay popular to get re elected. "Hiding" behind these issues are not hard. What I call professional lever pullers as in voting akin to pulling las vegas slot machines for living e.g Nancy Palocy, Al Gore, Clintons. At least Trump is taking away these issues so other shameless politician to put on their padded resume.

Wanna chill out and let it all go?

Put in your ear buds, crank The Hip’s “As I wind down the Pines”, close your eyes and picture yourself on a calm, gorgeous lake. Perfection. RIP Gordie.

My Ex

You wanna know the truth. My Ex took everything I ever had. He always had his hand out for cash and he hurt me and was a controlling , mind game player. Only really cared about himself. I only have one thing left he wants. And I will never give it to him. Never And I will be free him soon. I even tried to be his friend after all the shit he did to me. So sad. So Stupid I was, Not anymore!!!!

Harm Reduction

All it took me to never want to do heroin was watching one of those junkie movies in my teens. Take your pick from whichever generation - Requiem For A Dream, Trainspotting, Sid And Nancy, etc.

Lesson Learned

I've always been kind of a weird outsider who found it hard to relate to people because I don't share their interests. This is especially true when it comes to much of pop culture and entertainment. There's so much music, movies and books that people around me love, but it doesn't appeal to me at all. I'd rather watch a documentary on PBS than anything on HBO. But, I finally caved in and started to watch this show called Game of Thrones to see what all the fuss was about. Am I missing out, I thought. I don't want to be *that* out of touch do I? So it turns out that someone just did a mashup of Lord of the Rings, The Sopranos, and Showgirls in order to appeal to the D&D dweebs I grew up with but with more sex, violence and depravity thrown in. I'm not squeamish; I like some horror and action movies too, but every episode was repulsive and depressing. But somehow this show was a megahit! I read an article saying it was the last show people talked about at the watercooler at work: "hey Susan, what did you think of the pregnant woman getting stabbed to death while her husband was beheaded? Did you see the guy who tried to kill a child so he could keep having sex with his own sister in secret? Oh, and all the rape. Such a drag, amirite?" Ever feel like the world around you is going insane as you look around bewildered? That's how I usually feel whenever I make the mistake of participating in whatever has mass appeal these days. I'm going to go back to being an out of touch weirdo who is clueless about what everyone else is into. Ken Burns > George R.R. Martin And I hope I never hear the words, "Bastard," "Your grace," "M'lady," or "first of his name" ever again.

still can't quite say it

hey surprised your leaving for home, but you have two homes now, van being one them. Thanks for sticking around, from what I've seen you have definitely grown into an awesome person, even tho u already were absolutely awesome. ever need a couch, suss me out.

I have to stop overeating while I am stressed

I am now gaining a flat tire... it’s not good. Why the fuck does work have to be hell? Remember when there were worker rights??? Before we gave up all our labour laws to draw in the cheapest of labour to make corporations happy... you know... remember? Oh yeah, they wouldn’t ever reach that to kids nowadays :)

My confession

I have always been dead set against putting anything in my butt but since not being able to masturbate due to physical issues, I thought, what the hell, and played a bit with a life sized toy. I have to confess that I didn’t really mind it. Maybe even liked it. There is no way in hell another male is coming anywhere near me with anything, no way no how but I wouldn’t hesitate to let a woman poke me in the bum with one

Seeing you with your grandson touched my heart

I saw you with you grandson by the skytrain station. He was so little but he adored you and I could see you adored him back. You had been to science world together. Just the two of you. Fast forward a couple years and I saw you again. He's a little boy now and you're still hanging out together and glowing with love. My father had passed not long after I saw you for the first time. I was so happy your grandchild had you and so sad my child did not have her grandfather anymore. Your relationship is beautiful to see and it brought me to tears.


In search of tin man

I saw your shiny silver veneer from the window of the number 8 bus as we went past Thornton Park....

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