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I propose that singers and entertainers at Christmas lunches and parties perform without a mike. Some work hard to be irritating. I find it is more enjoyable to converse with people I am seated next to.

Office fridge

I used someone's half and half three times this week (already) for my coffee. Sorry!

Don't be Ageist.

You're going to be 40-50 in the blink of an eye.You'll be shocked how fast the years went by.

Revealing your black thong at work

You leaned over a co-worker's computer, at work. Your slacks were hanging on your hips and suddenly, there was a black thong, revealed, visible down to the lower half of the triangle. I thought my heart would stop. Then I remembered what a woman had told me, that men really buy women sexy lingerie as presents to themselves. I thought, there is a lucky man out there.


I'm a human, I have flaws, what I agree with isn't what others agree with. And what others agree with I don't. I can't please everyone, but I can go through life trying to be decent and fair to one another. It seems we have forgotten a lot of this lately. Everyone is getting offended at everything. People need to chill the fuck out, it's not always personal and different people have different ideas on what's acceptable. Maybe worry more about yourself and less about others.


Looking for a new job now because it’s time to leave my existing one. Surprisingly there a lot of job openings right now, even at this time close to Christmas and year end. I can’t wait to give notice. I’m about to be in a new environment meeting new people and working on new projects. I’ll miss some people. Once I stopped believing in my team, that was it for me.

Pastrami palace

There is also a place where it is not policed and that is little Italy. Or real Italy. Their food is worth the trip.

suck at relationships

how do you know if someone is right for you? what if when you're with them you're happy, but as soon as you're not with them, all you do is question, and feel anxious and almost ill with all the things that feel wrong?

All the Things We Never Did

and all the places we never went. I was reminiscing on those first moments in a relationship. When you are both excited and a little guarded, learning about each other and showing each other new things. I didn't get to have that with you. And it makes me sad.


Co-operation. You can't DIY Everything yourself, so let's Do It Ourselves... DIO

Golden Rule

I think people and animals should be treated as you would want to be treated yourself. Why does that threaten people so much?

Quiet sad

When I cry now, alone, I no longer ask him to come back. I don't tell people how much I miss him. I don't tell my therapist that I carry him around as I move through life. But I'm still so sad, eleven months after he broke us. I'll never understand. I'll never forgive him. I don't know how to let go of him. He gave up on me and I don't know how to move on.

A rock and the right to face my accuser.

I've been talking myself off a ledge often lately. A proverbial ledge not a literal one don't worry this is not about self-harm. I keep telling myself throwing a rock through the window of a mansion that's been completely abandoned for five years since it was sold will not achieve anything. I keep telling myself that some lawyer representing a numbered company that owns the home might actually come after me for property damage. I keep telling myself there is nothing I can do to stop the neglect. I keep talking myself off the ledge and I keep succeeding.

Pastrami police

I feel like there is a law against pastrami in Vancouver. I hardly see it anymore. It's nice to run into it once in a while. It's a delicacy if eating the real stuff.

sigh... rejected again

I wish I could understand what it is about me, that seems to repel women


Pushing your cart madly at No Frills on...

Pushing your cart madly at No Frills on Sunday. Well, not quite as madly as I pretended you were...