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Friday night, and I should be at the bar picking up some stupid bimbo to take home, but instead I'm stuck at home posting stupid confessions while nursing a cold. On the bright side I think my home remedy of vodka, Extra Spicy Clamato, Frank's Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce, and ground cayenne pepper is actually doing a pretty good job at knocking this cold out of me. Stupid bimbo will have to wait until next Friday night.

Excruciating pain

I have it in my right shoulder from 40 years of chopping. Chef here. I used to take pills and pills. And lots of booze. Oxccotian was my friend. Today, I smoke a joint and have one glass of red wine with dinner and I’m happy as shit. It saved my life...

Excruciating pain

I have it in my right shoulder from 40 years of chopping. Chef here. I used to take pills and pills. And lots of booze. Oxccotian was my friend. Today, I smoke a joint and have one glass of red wine with dinner and I’m happy as shit. It saved my life...

Life is too expensive

I need to find and marry some rich old lady that I can fuck until she has heart attack, and who will leave me her fortune in her will.


It’s amazing how the gross people find each other at my workplace.


A woman asked me today what I am doing on the weekend? Does that mean she wants me to ask her out? Or is she just making small talk. I am just really bad with signals from women. Women are so confusing with their signals.


I’ve just received the notice. We are not allowed to smoke pot in our apartments or we will get evicted. How is this legalization? Now I’m afraid and I smoke for pain. Even if we have a medical card they said it is not valid. No housing and now they scare us with eviction.

On Hotty Frog Babe Ghosts

I'm still in love with her, but it's not the NOW her, it's a time cspsuled her. A younger her from very different circumstances. It makes me sad because unless some genius invents a time machine I can't see how I get a happily ever after.

Blue jeep

You came back. You fooled me for the last time. I am more then a bed and lay for the likes of you. I donot believe you even know what real in your mind. Lies is all you know how to speak. Enjoy your homeless, aimless living Blue jeep!

It's a drag

when you work in a 2 person office and the other person is an unpleasant, gloomy, passive aggressive person who revels in playing the martyr. I've tried engaging her in conversation, complimenting her, having coffee together, nothing works. So I've resorted to wearing my earphones for most of the day. Can't let her poison come into my world.

Go Read

"I Was A Promiscuous Teen: An Open Letter to All the Men From My Past" and make an attempt to understand. And yes, awful guys - I see your "You just brought this all on yourself, it's never a guys fault" And I raise you almost every male friend I've ever had, who completely stopped speaking to me when they realized sex was really, actually, off the table. To quote one of them: "Why would I be friends with a woman and deal with the discomfort of her not sleeping with me, when I have lots of guy friends". Try and understand the relentless, compounding pain of being taught over and over and over again that almost half the population on the planet doesn't see you as a person. Understand the pain of having the message reinforced over and over that your needs and interests and desires don't matter. Understand the fresh pain on top of that of being told that the ways this has hurt you are your fault, and that you are a bad person for allowing that hurt to get in the way of a guys ability to enjoy you - that that hurt is why you don't get to have access to one of the "nice guys" who want "emotional connection" not just sex - because now you're guarded and prickly, and its not his fault and you're a terrible harpy for being cynical and reading bad intentions, why are you projecting your experiences from your poor choice of men on to this innocent man, you should have known better than to let those guys hurt you in the past (by the way if this guy hurts you, too, it's your fault for not having been wary and guarded enough)

On letting go of dreams

I given up on a lot of dreams in my lifetime, but the last 5 years or so have been extremely rough. Some things are just too impossible to obtain for a person like me without going through another mental breakdown. I’m learning to grieve for the person I wanted to be and nuturing the person I am instead. Loving and taking care of myself instead of only thinking of others isn’t selfish nor narcissistic because being a doormat for others to take advantage of is not lovingkindness. We all need to learn to love and take care of ourselves better. Let go of all of the internal tapes that hold you back from learning to dream again. I am enough as so are you.

Happier every day

I have to confess, I feel sorry for all you contributors who seem so unhappy. Many of you seem to be spinning in circles. Current research has suggested to answer these 6 questions EVERY DAY to get happier over time. Write the answers in a small journal. Then look back in 6 months! Not a quick fix....but heck....worth a try huh? It certainly works for me. 1. What experiences, however mundane, gave you pleasure? 2. What praise and feedback did you receive? 3. What were the moments of pure good fortune? 4. What were your achievements, however small? 5. What made you feel grateful? 6. How did you express kindness?

A Secret Hope

Every time a few days go by without a “dating in Vancouver is the worst, men/women are the worst, all the stereotypes about them are true,” post, I secretly hope it’s because the one woman who writes all the negative rants here has met the one man who writes all the negative rants here, and they ended up falling in love despite themselves ❤️

Secretly glad I quit Facebook

Facebook is an awful place where weirdos creep on women and teenage girls. I'm relieved that I no longer have to block and unfriend rude men who randomly send lewd photos of certain anatomy on their bodies. I'm glad I don't have to read all the drama and negativity from supposed friends, most of whom I've never met. Facebook was a bad experiment, in my opinion, and I won't be going back ever. There's plenty of other sites online to meet new friends and so much to see and do in my own city.


Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both...