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Wow, so many of the couples I know have very little in common with their spouses. What do they see in one another and how did they build a relationship with a person they have so little in common? It's becoming increasingly obvious that these people are together because they're afraid to be alone.

Sick Of Working For Corporations

It's become abundantly clear that the Human Resources Manager at my work does not care about me as a Human in the slightest.


I broke up with someone because of a 15-year age gap. I feared the gap would create issues down the road, and I would resent them for being older, so I let them go. I’m pretty sure they’ve moved on but for me, years later, making a choice out of pure fear is still my biggest regret.

Dating is hard in Vancouver

It's definitely easier in other cities. I moved, and I am making friends and doing cool shit. Poor GS is gonna have to shut down once everyone moves away from Vancouver.

Comfortably Numb

I love classic rock and metal music. I've been listening to the same songs for 30 years and each time it feels like I'm hearing it for the first time. Metallica's Fade To Black just came on and my head rocks with each pick of the string. Now Kirk's solo intro...fucking amazing. Blows me away every time.

Don't care to hear it from you anymore

I don't care if you want me but can't be with me. I only care if you want me, and will do what it takes to be with me. I don't need to waste my life on your melodramatic bullshit and indecision. I'm moving on with or without you. Once I'm with someone, I am with them until they leave me, or I am dead.

Star Crossed Encounter

I confess sometimes I fantasize about us running into each other at a park that's close by, forgetting about all the past, present, and future and.... <3

Here’s to Confessions

I loved you, I hated you. The latter seems to have won. You bore me and I wish you had the prestige you once had. Thanks anyway.

I give up

How do I break back into the world of dating after spending the last 15 years waiting for what I thought was the love of my life basically in solitude? I haven't even had sex in all this time. How the hell do I explain that?

No, you idiot.

Your new girlfriend isn't smart. Neither are you. You can both go to Hell. I'm sure she's a really talented waitress, though.

You're so close.

You went from quietly gathering courage to mentally prepping the trip to inexllicably and angrily shutting down with a pile of insults based on lord-knows-whover-else-said-what-you-thought-came-from-me, then from feeling horribly and understandably hurt to being so overwhelmed with unrequited love that it blew both of us away. Then, realizing how powerful you reacted and what you felt, you shockingly realize you feel love and passion like never before and now, after quietly enjoying this realization that made you grin inside so strong it curled your whole mind into a secret joy ball, you stew in your sleep... you don't know what to do and you stand frozen, so fearful of failing that you risk turning your fears into self-fulfilling prophecy and again starting the cycle all over again. Why do I get the feeling you'd never have had to suffer like this if you only just talked directly instead of relying on anonymous posts like these? How long will you wait this time? And do you really have to circle back again? We both know where we want to be and we can't get there without you. I just wish you'd finally realize those fears of failing are wrong, realize I'm waiting for you, get fed up, get it over with and come get me. I wanna make you laugh again.

I guess this is goodbye.

Did I know you, really? Did I love you, or did I just love what you wanted me to see? Did you ever really love me? I only really know, and remember your face now. But remembering or knowing you as a person it's like the song says "you have the eyes of a stranger". I don't think I would enjoy being with you now. You strike me as being a little too ridged, cold, heartless, bereft of passion, shallow, superficial, materialistic, worldly, vain, condescending, antagonistic, critical, self serving, manipulative, cruel, cowardly, treacherous, and overall just a really obnoxious person. I think you would most likely make my life miserable, and you would be absolutely no fun to be with. Aside from all that, it looks like you made so much baggage for yourself, that doesn't quite match the luggage that I'm carrying. You got three big extra pieces there, and I don't want to be stuck here in the place I grew up forever. I want someone I can travel with, be free with, and have great adventures with, and I just can't see that quite happening with you. I need someone better suited for me.

Thumbs up!

So the documentary "On Her Shoulders", just released here in North America, is the story of a woman coerced into sex slavery by the Islamic State. She was among the thousands of Yazidis captured and enslaved by the IS. Her family was killed when she was taken. Fun fact: Many of these women were sold for next to nothing on markets and... Wait for it... FACEBOOK!! Turns out, it was the favored social medium of the droogs in black headscarves. Now, as a geek, I've always known that there was something (actually quite a lot of somethings) rotten in the House of Zuck, but THIS! WOW!! I'm actually in awe at the audacity of the man, still talking business ethics in public with a straight face. Gates would be proud of you, Zuck, my boy... He only perjured himself in federal court. You, on the other hand, dropped trou and MOONED THE World! WITH AN UNWASHED CRACK!! And WHO IS THAT supporting your highly ethical enterprise, but hundreds of millions of women... Many of them no doubt wielding a #metoo hash tag in righteous rage! That's OK, though, because with their patronage they were already supporting the platform Trump uses for self-promotion. Twitter is the home of the hashtag, after all. Oh, the hypocrisy... Yea, all you empowered modern women, hear this! Next time you check your social media, take a look in the mirror and see who's supporting the rapey patriarchy now. So proud it's #youtoo. :-)

I Lept

And I fell to earth. And it hurt. But I learned. Boy did I learn. Won’t put myself out there like that again.


Cute boy walking on South Burrard

We walked past one another and smiled, I had a long black and silver skirt on, we then both...