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Final episode of "Lost"

I've decided to believe that the entire, convoluted Trump presidency, with all it's devious characters and ridiculous subplots, is just a strange dream we were all having, and that we all actually died in the plane crash.

Can someone tell me

How the Russians can meddle in our elections ? The people have a choice to make , they have private ballot booths and they have invigilators to oversee that everything is done from the voting lists. ID is required and a number of other verification procedures are followed to ensure you're who you say you are. So if a voter is influenced by a piece of information on the electronic highway, isn't that what democracy is all about? It's up to the voter themselves to decide whether or not the information they receive is real or fluff. What we're essentially saying with all of this so-called foreign meddling is that voters are too stupid to figure out the truth for themselves.

Happy Birthday to Me...

.... nobody wished me a happy birthday. I am pretty sure that if I died, nobody would know or care.

SJW power

Let’s eat lentils and save the planet !

Love Vancouver...

the place. But I despise all the people here...especially the SJW's and globalists..blech.

Trash bag pools

Growing up, scorching hot summers were hard to beat without some coins to go to the public pool. My sister and I would dig holes in the backyard large enough to climb in. We would line them with garbage bags and bring over the garden hose to have our own personal swimming pools. We laughed and splashed for hours in our tiny trash bag oasis.

Coffee Bait

You and me. Fresh coffee. Interesting discussions. Insightful thoughts and tantalizing topics. It could all have been yours so easily, so effortlessly if you hadn't SELFISHLY held out on just a little itty bitty kiss. Just a little teeny tiny kiss. That's all that was required. A mere second of lip on lip action, maybe prolonged with a little tongue, and then a hand sliding slowly along your leg and...YOU RUINED EVERYTHING. JERK.

Apartment bound

Sometimes I feel kind of scared to go I don't.

clueless bus passengers

Stop pulling the cord when the announcement says"next stop:....skytrain station!The driver knows he has to stop,he's not gonna keep going.

The Club

People are funny. Now that I'm no longer single, people want us to come over for dinner all of a sudden. Thing is we're introverts and don't really like to do that kind of stuff with other people.

Hey Co-Worker

I hope you're enjoying your vacation, because I'm still dealing with the ramifications of your poorly done work.

Nobody understands me

A woman stands in line behind me. She has a stroller with a cardboard box in the seat. Me: that's a cute box, how old is it? Her: ( looks uncomfortable , shy smile) ummm... Thanks? Me: (when I leave) It has your eyes. Her: .... Am I nuts? Is this not comedy gold? Gold!

Affordable housing

Article in Huffington Post ...' Vienna’s Affordable Housing Paradise' ... 62% of Vienna Austria's people live in decent social housing. Average rent $350. ==== Election time coming up in Vancouver ==== Spread the word !!!!

Words have meaning

I've worked for hotels all my life and there is one exchange that I keep having no matter where I work. Guest: "Yes I'd like to put my credit card down to cover all charges for my friend." Me "All charges, including the restaurant and the bar?" Guest "Well not that of course! I meant the room charges." Apparently there are a lot of you who have a different definition of "All Charges" so to educate the rest, yes it means everything!


Gorgeous Save-On Shopper

You: gorgeous tattooed lady ahead of me in line just came from a workout? Me: gentleman patiently...