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Sometimes I wonder

Had a crush on a girl I was lab partners with back at Langara, years back now. Thought I felt a connection but turned out she just wanted friends. She only dated top quality guys. Friendzoned. Truth be told, from where I am sitting at today. I am glad she saw that before I did. Though, sometimes I wonder how my little exfriend is doing these days.

Used to love

Spilling out of the club on Granville head full of sound and head home up Nelson or the next one over and worship with a full reverence each and every great tree I'd meet...

Very few people know

But I'm a 40 year old video gamer. I've been into games since they began in the 80's. Alley Cat, Zaxxon, Doom, Wolfenstein were where I began. Up to now playing Total War, GTA V, Company of Hero's and anything else I want from Steam. I've been into it for so long that I've built my own PC after changing too many consoles. This is a guilty pleasure of mine, but should I feel bad about it? Somehow I do, like everyone is judging me and thinking that I'm doing kids stuff. But then again I could spend hours watching The Kardashians, The Bachelor, or any amount of sporting events. All of that is a wast of time to me, I'll keep my games thanks.

Petty eh.

My ex left all my jewellery out in the rain and all the pieces were ruined. I decided leave food scraps on his ground level balcony so that hopefully raccoons or birds rip open the bag and leave a mess. I'm okay with my level of petty. Maybe I'll just throw an egg too.

People need to speak up

If you see something happening to someone, or hear/see things that are out of that person's character, you should directly let them know. Otherwise you are helping to cover up a criminal and his actions. A lot of the times, the targets are people who are too naive to know otherwise, and without the help of the people who know them they can never stand up for themselves. How can you expect someone to explain something, clear the air about something, if they have never even been told about it? Help each other out.

I couldn't care less about having "friends"

I find those individuals who are always stressing the need for friendship, and how people need friends, and how we should be social! and go out...are usually the biggest backstabbers, gossips and the fakest people you can meet. Most normal people never talk about friendship-their friendships develop naturally without ever even mentioning the word 'friend', or mentioning the need for friendship or trying hard to shove their friendship down someone's throat. Beware of anyone that guilt trips you for not hanging out, or making 'friends time' for them, the only real friends I have never displayed any of those qualities. Way too many fake people around these days. I'd rather be alone than in bad company.

My friends mom and she's my boss

I just love the way she looks at me and everytime I smell her and we talk I can't control my heart and my feelings when I'm around her.

Harmless crush

I have a harmless crush on a parent of my child's friend, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. That is all.

Messed up big time

Im 45 yrs old and have been an alcoholic drug addict since i was 13. Ive been diagnosed schizophrenic recently and people dont have a clue how harsh that truly is. I did have 30 months of sobriety from 36 to 39 but ive been struggling since. Its very difficult to live with higher power guidance and being controlled by Satan my entire life. I live in a small town on the east coast and everywhere i go im blessed with running into bad memories because of the lifestyle i lived. I deserve what i get and that is gonna be isolation torment and misery

Used to enjoy Confessions

Fully understood that some might be b.s., but still, I could relate to many of the posts. Was fun and entertaining to read. But now it's been pretty much ruined by the nerd who keeps writing bogus rants about vegans, chicken factories, etc, etc. He does it from both sides of view to try and "fool" everyone. A true loser if there ever was one. So goodbye Confessions. You were fun for awhile.

Cornflakes may be bland, but they're good

They're cereously a good breakfast cereal. See what I did there? No joke, they're amazing for some reason, even though they're so plain. You can even crunch them up and batter your chicken with them, deep fry the chicken, and it's like you have a fancy little restaurant at home. I wonder if anyone is going to flake out at this.

Getting old(er)

It is starting to happen to me... my friends and relatives are dying .... I am now over 50 and have looked up several people I used to know, and some of them have passed away... my body is breaking down, getting sick, developing aches and pains, in my job my employer is not relying on me much anymore, no more chance of promotions, in fact I will be lucky to hang on to this job... soon to be a senior citizen ... using a cane... inside I feel at least 25 years younger but my body is not agreeing with that... still enjoy life, even more in fact

Better to of never loved at all

When I was with my ex girlfriend she would would always be bringing her niece to my place. Me and this little girl would do everything together watch movies, play, and cuddle. We would even pretend to be napping so we could cuddle longer but after me and my ex broke up I haven't been able to see her . I am never gonna forget the last day I spent with her If i knew that was gonna be our last farwell i would of told you I love you a thousand times It's been a couple months and I've gotten over my ex for the most part but not this little Angel I don't know why but I've started thinking of her all the time

Not really a confession, but..

I am doing my very best to be the change I want to see in this world. I have a child, and I am trying my hardest to teach this small person to one day do the same.. It's been difficult, but I truly believe our future generations are something some people are so willing to overlook when it comes to helping ourselves and our planet. I understand the issue of global overpopulation, but our children have the capability to make a real difference if they are given a solid opportunity before they become stressed out, jaded, bitter, unfriendly adults.


Arbutus Greenway smile

It was about 7:15 pm on Monday May 21st, and it was a spectacular evening. We ran past each other...