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Haven't you noticed?

As a Vancouver resident that does a ton of walking everyday, I notice most men in Vancouver are now paired off with an Asian female companion. In this Confessions blog there is endless discussion about dating and this definitely seems to be the overwhelming preference of men now.

The Girl I Miss

seems to have become trapped inside a microwaved version of herself, all bloated and bubbling. Loss, repulsion, sadness, cruelty, regret. Feeling too many things at once.

Agreed. $75 for food a week is easy. I do $20-30

The trick is eating a balanced meal where you prepare the ingredients yourself. You do not have to buy bulk but you should buy your staples at the larger discount super markets to save money, such as every variety of beans and rice on the planet. You do not have to go to your trendy boutique corner grocery market that is hipsterville and trashy busy on the weekend. You can even afford to eat meat a couple of times a week. Just look for what is on sale. Finally, if you cut out that vegan yuppie gluten free diet fad stuff and eat a regular diet, it is very affordable. I once saw a yuppie lady buy gallon containers of yoghurt and organic berries with her yuppie food. I thought that was kind of obsessive compulsive. Just stay away from fast food shit food. It's gotten expensive too, somehow. What a lame economy and government we have.

All's not fair

You know how sometimes in relationships, something is said that is just too far over the line to ever go back? So that even if you still have intense love for that person, what they said hurt you so deeply that you just can't get past it? Yeah, so that happened. It's true, I still love him beyond any rationality, but he said it and it was the death blow for sure.

I'll be honest...

I get an immense feeling of self satisfaction when I hear a couple I know have split. I used to wonder why I feel that way... I have been through my share of heartache and know how much it sucks. I just smirk and hear Nelson Muntz in my head.

Blue jeep guy

I left for California I need a job I have 300 that's it minus gas which is 90%. I can't keep arguing with you I need to fix myself sorry

This sounds really weird but....

I want to pay for an escort but the "cover girl" " ones & the the ones that look like models don't appeal to me, I like the streetwise ones, the girls who are ghetto.....however unfortunately in the Georgia Straight Personals 18+ only have the cover girl & model types advertised

Still a mother

Lost my children before they were born. Happened 5 times. My husband left eventually to find someone who could give him kids. I am grieving even though society does not allow it, people actually asked me today, how far along I was. Because I was only allowed to grieve if it was past a certain point. I ignored the question. I still grieve. It is still a loss. Be compassionate people. Do not ask inappropriate questions. Be kind. No one said sorry for your loss.

Heads up walking phone users.

I will continue to walk right into you hockey style and knock you down or that fucking phone right out of your hand if you want to walk right at me whilst you look at your phone and think Im going to move for you...both men and women. Get your goddamn heads up you selfish scumbags or get hurt.

I remember yours...

and that I wasn't important enough for you to remember mine.

My Observation

So I was having coffee and these three women sit down close to me. They were quite loud. One of them is dating a new fella so the first question from her friend is "So what does he do?" then the next is "Did he pay for dinner?" I was shocked. I mean why don't they ask whether hes a good bloke with a good heart. Then they spend the rest of the time using Tinder to find more men. Dating has become a game where there is always someone better looking or richer and that's why people are finding it harder to date.

Stevie Wonder at Aretha Franklin's funeral

I've always loved Stevie's music but didn't really think too fully about his lyrics. Wow! He's one of the great inspirational poets of all time: ................................. "As around the sun the earth knows she's revolving And the rosebuds know to bloom in early may Just as hate knows love's the cure You can rest your mind assure That I'll be loving you always As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow But in passing will grow older every day Just as all that's born is new ......... (Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream) Did you know that true love asks for nothing No no her acceptance is the way we pay Did you know that life has given love a guarantee To last through forever and another day Just as time knew to move on since the beginning And the seasons know exactly when to change Just as kindness knows no shame Know through all your joy and pain That I'll be loving you always

Point of No Return

Boundaries. When you care about someone it's hard to not cave, so I had to create a limit, a point of no return. She couldn't respect my need for space, finding her ego starved. So I told myself if she baits me again and comes up empty that's it. And what a hook it was too. I was tricked as always and there was nothing there. So I miss her, every day, but I couldn't respect myself if it had gone any other way.

feels so good

when I pick my nose, and yank out a long hair

To my now ex-friend...

Your personality changed the moment you met him. The strong, empowered woman turned into a simpering stepford version of your previous self. Everyone noticed it, but no one had the nerve to say anything to you. I didn’t like or trust him the moment I met him and was concerned that perhaps you were more in love with the fact that he was besotted with you than the man himself. If our friendship wasn’t strong enough to withstand the possibility that, he too is fallible then perhaps our friendship was one of convenience. You needed a single partner in crime until you were no longer single, and then I was disposable. Sadly, people placed on pedestals tend to eventually fall off. Your constant public posts of adoration strike me as a case of “the lady doth protest too much”. Exactly who are you trying to convince? I suppose that the upside is that I no longer have to pretend that I can stand him or suppress eye rolls at his cheeseball behaviours.


Granville Island

You were with your children waiting by the soup stand.... I was in line waiting also across from...