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I smoked some purple weed the other day and got fried.

It was like Withnail and I...I had the fear Seriously though the fact that this stuff is legal is a little weird because this was very powerful and I only had a couple of good drags and the anxiety was there as it makes everything super vivid even the stressful and shitty things in life. I'm laying off it for sure as I can't handle it. Even writing this confession is making me a little residually anxious...careful people.

I don't believe it anymore

But trucks do flip, even in Washington state, and 40,000 pounds of... well, you know, comes flying out. I don't know if the Hastings and Sunrise plant protestors are gonna protest this, but maybe they should.

Here we are

Awestruck by technology to get us to Mars. The electronics , the sensors, the calculations. And yet we think nothing of that fluffy cottonwood seed that floats past on the breeze. It lands, it senses the environment that it's in , the temperature , the moisture , the food that's available. Then it sends out a few shoots and gets a foothold and that tiny seed has all of the instructions to create a complete new cottonwood tree. How to use the soil, when to shed its leaves, how to create new seeds....... absolutely amazing! All it gets for its efforts is a mention in the allergy count.

A drunk in love?

We had a great life together once. We broke up. I wasn't happy. I cheated at the end but it was more of a means to get out and I needed the mental push to do it. Yes it's shitty but I can't take it back so no regrets there. You did nasty things too. My problem is that we've discussed working things out several times but I'm still with the person I cheated with. Obviously that doesn't bode well for us going forward, if it's even possible. I haven't had the time to myself to reflect properly or to even decide what I want. My biggest problem now is that you've cut off communication and now I can't stop thinking about you. I told you if you had done that in the first place and left me alone to see how my life was without you, we would've gotten back together a long time ago. I'm not happy with my current situation and everything just feels wrong. I feel like I'm stuck because I don't know if you even want anything to do with me anymore. I miss you terribly. Love is brutal. Sometimes I envy those who can't find it. If you read this, which I doubt you will, know that I will marry you one day soon if you'll have me. We can elope in Portland. You know who you are. I love you.

Some people lack common sense

Doesn't anybody know anything anymore? Every time I ask someone a straight forward question, they answer me with "I dunno". Come on. Common sense is not a flower that blooms in your garden. For once in your life use your brain.

The Other Womyn

Every now and then I get the urge to blow up your wife’s email with copies of your abnoxious messages and steamy action shots. I can only imagine the sad sap story you gave her, the bucket of lies. Vilifying the women you f&$@ed in order to win her back. If she only knew all of the secrets you shared and the things you said about her and her family and your relationship woes. She might see a little more cleary what a despicable coward you actually are and leave you. From, One of Many

Getting ready for the inevitable

When my biological parent passes away I think I need to go my separate ways from his wife and my half siblings. I'm scared to have no one but these people aren't healthy for me to be around and without a mediator I fear I'll be overpowered. Who do people with little to no family turn to in a city where it is so hard to make longterm friends?

My Married Friend

told me he’d love to diddle me. I’m still a bit shocked. Didn’t see that one coming.

Not affordable anymore

I remember when admission to the Richmond night market used to be free. Then admission became $1 then jumped to $2, then $2.50..and so on. That was reasonable considering I'd spend another $30-40 just on food since it adds up. Admission is just under $5.00 per person now and it's a shame because I think of all the families who can't afford that. If anything, admission should be similar to single bus fare price. Why would I take the skytrain down with my family and pay another $5 each for admission THEN pay more for food? It's so expensive. While I support community events like this, it's getting a bit ridiculous. For the amount a family ends up spending, you might as well take your family for a nice dinner elsewhere. I think I'll pass this year.

The Truth Is

We're not right for each other. I spend too many nights alone looking at the stars and making dinners alone when you should be here. You're more interested in hot women and drinking with your buddies after work. I'll find someone else who can have a real life with me. I'll have the conversation with you this week, even though I don't want to. You're just not good enough, even though I told you I love you and would do anything for you. Even though I said I want to marry you. It was all lies. I'm sorry for being an asshole, sorry I don't know who I am, sorry for wasting your time.

almost there

therapy just helped me realize that my ex isn't as great as i thought he was. i'm in the throes so all i want now is to egg his shitty basement suite and yell that i suddenly understand how good it feels to have a stranger tell you that your person isn't good enough. i'll get there, i'm on my way, i'll be better soon - minus the eggs, plus my self worth. hope i never see you again, coward. and if i do, i WILL look the other way. fuck you.

I bit the Vancouver dust

Successfully moved somewhere cheaper, and I can afford to see concerts occasionally or go out to eat. I can buy cheese again. Fuck you, BC, Canada, and Vancouver officials for destroying the working class in Vancouver.

My parties attract mustaches

My parents escaped communism, and every time I have a party, some cigarette smoking and denim wearing mustache touter keeps on mentioning how great Marxist economies are and how I am wrong about my world view because he is a second year student. Why have you ruined cigarettes, denim, and mustaches for our society???? Ugh. Pick up a history book instead of your Facebook group... why can’t universities teach the actual outcome of communism? Is it truly that hard to teach the basics?


I’ll be plugging along hanging in there as then my spouse will berate me and go off on me out of nowhere. It makes me want to shrivel up and die. I’m done with caring about anything.


Arbutus Greenway smile

It was about 7:15 pm on Monday May 21st, and it was a spectacular evening. We ran past each other...


Savage Love: How to be a good orgy host

Hosting a sex party doesn’t give someone the right to insert himself into someone else’s scene.