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Cyclists, pay attention

It’s great there are more bike lanes around the city. I love riding my bike but I have to say, some of the cyclists here are the worst. I’m not perfect but try to follow the rules of the road, give people the right of way and not zoom by at top speed down a hill almost hitting into pedestrians and other cyclists. There are so many cyclists not following the road rules and it’s really dangerous and annoying. Many a time I have seen a pedestrian (me included) almost get run over by a cyclist when they have the right to walk across the road. It seems you need to rotate your head 360 degrees here to avoid collisions. Cyclists, you need to grow up. Drivers and pedestrians are not perfect either, but cyclists. Come on!

What Vancouver needs is ...

Wouldn't it be great if we had Ping Pong (table tennis) tables installed all around the city! Other cities do it, in Berlin for example, there's at least one in every park. I think it's a great idea and just what this city needs. And just what I need, I am getting fed up of playing on our dining room table in our tiny apartment.


Some woman posted a list of deal-breakers for dating guys on this site: 1. Must have job! 2. Has drivers license 3. Doesn't resort to name calling in a disagreement. 4. Owns own vehicle. The women in the lower mainland must be so desperate if these are their only requirements for dating men.


I had an affair with a woman for almost 2 years. It was meant to be casual, a friend with occasional benefits. But I found myslef thinking way too much about her. And her and I. When I finally was found out, I just ghosted the woman. I let me wife answer the phone when she called and take all of her anger out on the woman. I knew how much it would hurt her to be ignored and discarded but my wife came first. I guess now, after a few months of reuniting with my wife and starting a new life in a new city, I wonder if I should do the right thing, show a little respect and have a closing conversation with my other woman. A woman who was a good friend to me in a tough time.

Brilliance is something all around us

It is Donald Trump, and his team at the White House. Non-Brilliance is Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Fascist party in Parliament.

On Culpability

Once, I watched a film with a few classmates, and one of them was a woman I had decided I was in love with (who didn't feel the same). Anyway, it turned out to be basically a Nazi rape movie. I had to leave halfway through the movie because I couldn't deal with the realization that given the opportunity I would probably be the same monster as any of the depicted soldiers. I'd like to think I'm a good guy, but without laws or repercussions would I be?

If you love me

You will end your marriage sell your business lose 55 lbs. move back home and financially physically sexually spiritually and emotionally support me

Canada is the new Third-World

It is starting to feel like a third-world state (yes, be offended by that whomever). Regular people do not matter, and only the rich elites can afford to live. This looks like government and corporate corruption that happened in South America.

New Ink

I love your sleeves. The koi are so serene. Why did you change your star?

Is that wrong?

I want to be with this guy who treats me so badly and makes my life complicated. He’s super annoying and makes me roll my eyes. He’s incompetent and selfish and doesn’t strive for anything. He’s lazy and lacks common sense. He is terrible at arguing and goes straight for the guttural insults. There is so much wrong with him but he is so fucked up that he’s perfect to me. I love him and I want to make love to his bony ass for the rest of my life. I know it makes no sense but somehow I don’t really care. Is that wrong?

Sex Robot

I'm going to get myself a sex robot custom made to look exactly like YOU.

Give me good reasons..GOOD reasons.

So I hear that the biggest problem on transit is people cutting their nails. Why is this such a big deal? No one can tell me a good enough reason. I don't cut my nails on transit but if someone does...I could care less. This morning I sat in what appeared to be water. The guy sitting next to that seat had his bag over it (like many do to stop you from sitting there...not me) and told me there's liquid on it after I signaled to him I wanted to sit there. I told him that I just don't care. Five minutes into the ride I felt the liquid on my butt. Guess dried up shortly after leaving the seat. Why is it so disgusting to cut your nails on transit?

Life is good

Today I'm one year sober. A year ago I was found passed out in a ditch on the side of the highway naked spooning a pylon with a dick drawn on my face. When I got to the drunk tank, I was spitting on cops and being absolutely belligerent. I ended up in a potato sack (straight jacket) with a spit mask on. I was singing Christmas carols and got in a verbal argument with another dude in the cell over because I wouldn't shut up. When I finally sobered up, an officer and I spoke about my crazy night. He said he was amazed at what a nice gentleman I was as a sober human being. He ended up connecting me with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and I never looked back. I wanted to kill myself the day before. I took a bunch of Xanax and drank myself into oblivion to drown the pain of my dad passing away a week earlier in a car crash. He was all I had left as my mother died 5 months before from a drug overdose. The last thing I ever said to him was that I hated him and wished he would fucking die. I'll still never forgive myself. He was decapitated when a pole slid off a truck and smashed through his windshield. My friends tried to help me but I was beyond repair.. there was nothing they could do. I didn't want to be in reality. I couldn't stand to be alive. I know this story sounds absurd and made up but believe me it's not. Today I woke up feeling so good. I usually feel sad in the morning because the first thing I think of is my parent's deaths but today I felt at peace. They would be proud and I think would have forgiven me for the way I was. Life is beyond beautiful and I'm so happy to be alive. Here's to another year of sobriety. Life is good.

Dating is like Alcohol

It takes everything and gives nothing back. Seeing some of you guys grovelling ..for what, exactly??? Geez..get some perspective. Women are not all that and never were.

Take a chance

I can't believe I finally got the guts to do it but.. there's this older woman in my building. She's about 45. I've been admiring her for about a year and the other night she was coming in the building. I some how got the courage to stop her in the hall and tell her I thought she was beautiful. We're going out tomorrow for dinner. This isn't so much a confession.. more so advice to say act on how you feel. I could have easily went back to my apartment but I'm so happy I said something. She told me she thought I was cute and had been curious about me for quite some time. I feel so lucky. Take a chance, you never know what could happen. Don't fear rejection because it's just part of life. Unfortunately for some, the fear of not being accepted or fear of being made a fool keeps them from excelling. You'll never know if you never try. I'm so excited for tomorrow.


Bimini Liqour store

I saw you at the Bimini liquor store while we were both buying beers. We talked about our...