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I fcking feel useless in school sometimes being 15 years older than everyone else. I let my youth pass by along with all the dreams and visions that these kids have. My visions need to be different now because i'm different, and they've changed. Yet how can we ever move on without living that youth? To develop and remember experiences, to build upon them to live better now? I can't live presently in my adulthood without having gone through the experiences of adolescence... i feel like a parts missing. yet I sure look like an adult. I feel trapped. advice?

Which One's Worse?

The worst kinds of homeless/bums are the ones that insult you while passing by, trying to get a rise out of you . Bitch, just because I'm wearing a suit, doesn't mean I couldn't (wouldn't) kill you with my bare hands. You're just not worth the jail time.

Hokey poké

As big fan of authentic poké in Hawaii, I fear that people have been accepting big city trendy poké as the standard.. This thing about extra fillers with barely any fish is pathetic.

limb lengthening surgery

Ive always wanted to be normal height....Im 5'2 and I always wear heels to achieve that but I just look like a short girl in high heels.Everyone in my fam is tall too.I am seriously thinking of heading to Baltimore to get surgery that will make my legs 2 to 3 inches taller.It exists and has been done for thousands of really rich people for about a decade or so.Total cost is $150 also need to be in a wheelchair for about a year,which I feel would be worth it since I wont need heels anymore.My family would support me(I think)but my boyfriend basically told me I have mental issues for even considering it.I have been self conscious about my height my whole life,and this will help me feel better about myself.I have a beautiful face (its been said)fit body and I think my lack of height detracts from that.I hope he doesnt make me choose between him and the surgery....

I'm Not Racist

I just hate rich people, no matter where they're from.

Even when I was a drug user…

I would have not associated with people from the DTES. I guess I was a little judgmental. During my drug use that spanned 5 years, I remained a good human being. I did not steal from or cheat other people and the only lie I told was the secretive double life I was living by keeping my drug use a secret from friends and family. Instead I quietly suffered and in my way attempted to suppress the childhood trauma that had up to that point killed my spirit. I remained a good human being throughout my deterioration from drug use. Even during my drug-induced psychosis and time spent at St. Paul’s Hospital, I remained a good person capable of being honest and respectful. Move forward 15 years and I’ve worked hard and gotten myself back. I completed an undergraduate degree in human services and decided to work in the field. After 5 years working in this industry I’m done. I can admit through experience that earlier judgments regarding the types of people struggling with addiction in the DTES were somewhat incorrect as I discovered that there are many good people that are living in single room occupancy hotels in the DTES, however, my instincts were also correct, there are many more dishonest, thieving human scumbags that inhabit the DTES. I have personally witnessed so much deplorable human behavior. Even with addiction and mental health there are good people and there are awful people. So now, unfortunately, I will not provide unconditional support to people with drug addiction or any demographic for that matter. Respect and trust are EARNED by being a practicing good human and it only takes a small display for it to be recognized in a person.

So whatcha want?

I was listening to my ipod on shuffle the other day and it landed on the Beastie Boys 'Whatcha Want'. I don't listen to music loud but it was loud enough that when my boss came into my office to ask me something, he stopped mid-sentence, said, "Beastie Boys?" I said yes and he said, 'Nice." I always feel cooler than I am when I hear this song.

"Well, I least in your case..."

And then we both laughed. My confession is that seeing you laugh like that, even though you told me "No!" brought life back into me. I'll never forget the way you looked last, sitting across from me. But back to...see what I mean now? Yours didn't deserve that, just lonely and wanting to be you. Mine is a lot more malicious as you can see. Thanks for the words, I didn't write that though. Still. Sweet. Just like always. I'm still here if you need a couch in this town ever. Family. Still.


I made a mistake-that I owned up to when it happened-but what you have done and continue to do is criminal. I never claimed to be perfect, or to have the virtues that you labelled upon me. You claimed those things and then set out in a desperate, rabid attempt to prove to the world that I'm not those things. You stand with your righteous finger pointing still "look at what SHE did!" I never claimed perfection, I have always lived my life just trying to be a good person and my kindness towards others doesn't stem from a need to be liked or validated, like you claimed, but rather from a deep sense of self-love. I am kind and forgiving to others because I can do that for myself. You claim to be waiting, to make me look like a jerk that is keeping you waiting, that owes you something. I don't. I told you why, and I told you not to contact me again. Indefinitely. So I understand that it's not because you are unclear on things, it's to troll me further. You do you. And I'm gonna continue being me, despite the fact that my life will never be the same again. People kill themselves over what you are doing. Overkill. But that's who you are. A monster. I may be an imperfect human, but at least I can feel my heart and soul resting peacefully.

Dating solution

I wonder what would happen if we took all the men and women on here who complain about dating, each other, saying hi etc and put them all in a room together? Sparks would fly? Romance would bloom? Fisticuffs? The possibilities have me a-tingle.

Man do you ever think

Someday we could leave our cells and travel about freely doing whatever we felt like? Think you'd like that

Body acceptance

I work with a number of women and some of them contain so much self-loathing about their bodies. It's to a point where they are separated from their body, that their body is their enemy and they consciously fight it everyday. One woman has disordered eating. She encourages others to each rich food, yet denies herself cake, cookies, chocolate every single time. She eats a plate of leaves for lunch, alone in front of her computer every day. Another woman starves herself and will eat one long English cucumber for lunch. But then binges on super sweet bubble teas. Both of them complain about clothes that give them muffin top. I have no idea what their goals are in life but it's clear that they devote most of the day avoiding food. It's not normal. I eat a shit ton of food; I have male colleagues tell me that I eat a lot. I've had bosses comment on the fact that I'm always eating. There is no need to monitor what I eat because I'm walking, hiking, biking, lifting weights, running pretty much every day. Your body needs fuel and without it, you have no mental or physical energy to take on your day, to chase your dreams, to execute your plans. When women eat like a bird, to me the message is that they want to be small and live small lives. I don't want a small life. I want an overflowing plate, I want it now because I'm bonking, and there's no way that I can tackle the mountain called life with a plate of undressed leaves.

March 20,2017 A Day Gone Down In Vancouver History

I confess I never expected it,never. Today,of all days, when I was least expecting it while locking my car,a random woman who I've never met actually said hello to me! For the first time in my life. It was not a bold hello,nor one with a smile or anything but rather a word in a furtive passing and glance. I wasn't even looking at her. Thought she was on the phone,but had a look and she was not. Admit I was too dumbfounded to do anything but wonder in slack jawed amazement. I travel to California and Florida for 2-3 months a year and it happens all the time. Can be on a bench by the ocean,reading a paper in a coffee shop,hanging out in a pub and they come up to me on a regular basis. They say I have a nice smile, look interesting, etc. I can come up with only two likely possibilities: she was desperately lonely, or drunk/high. Nevertheless,this day will be remembered.


Young girl driving a white Toyota beside...

I know this is a shot in the dark, but we were driving next to each other through the middle of...


Savage Love: Asexuals are aces

For these individuals, there is no inherent wish for or desire for sex, and there never has been.