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I was emotion, you were logic.

You were the only one who could ever put my feelings into words. Please come back. I miss your friendship.

Sometimes you don't know what you've got...

I'm so ashamed by the way I treated my husband - the best husband ever- during the first year of our marriage. All the anger I didn't and can't express toward my physically, mentally and emotionally abusive parents came out in waves of hatred. I told myself I'd keep pushing until he walked out that door...but he never did. My parents are out of our lives now but that wasn't the turning point. I finally began seeing a counselor this year and SO. MUCH. HAS. CHANGED. So, more than a confession, this is a plea for those of you out there bogged down by despair - help is out there. Here is to year 2. Love you forever, best friend. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Celebutante time bomb

Sorry I can no longer see you because it's your dream to be on stage or screen. Celebrity is a form of mental illness, you must be crazy.

I would still marry you

I had a dream that you and I were on the beach with both our sets of parents standing at our sides. We couldn’t start the ceremony because I was balling my eyes out. Everyone was saying that it was okay and I need to calm down but I couldn’t. I was hysterical. You held me as I fell to the sand looking up at your green eyes, apologizing for everything. My seafoam green dress blew in the wind while I crumpled. I woke up in tears. I’m sorry and I still love you. I always will. I know you do too. Some day...

In real life

People get judged by how they present themselves to society. People will judge the outer appearance for jobs, dating, etc.... So growing up if you were told that only what’s on the inside counts in life. That is a lie. You will have a lot of your fortunes decided by other’s within the first minute because we don’t live in isolation and rely on others for job opportunities, dating choices, etc. So if you want to improve your odds consider what you are presenting outwardly to others.

Dog park Girlfriends

Met a cute lady in the dogpark, are mutts are besties. The lady and i have great conversations......but one day she told me how her dog ate the crotch out of her underwear. Now i cant help but think the lady has poor feminine hygine.

A Canadian dream...

I’m so Canadian I even apologize in my dreams: I dreamed I was served horse to eat in a restaurant. It had been hit by a train and its face was smashed in. In order not to seem impolite I insisted I loved horse but asked if only they would take it into the back to butcher it. So Canadian but what does it mean?

Ghosted for realz?

I met a much older woman at a night out and she came home to sleep with me. Afterward we texted a bit and then she ghosted me. Now I wonder if she actually ghosted for real. I have no way to know.

Once again

The shooting in Florida Is there no responsibility on teachers, co workers and friends to report these misfits to the cops before they go on a rampage? Here we have a nutcase who has been openly telling people what he's going to do and we don't have the ability sense to remove him until he's done it.

Media Manipulation

I am truly concerned that social media is further eroding democracy and people perceptions of “reality”. There are examples on both the “left” and the “right”. The Russian manipulation of the US election is a perfect example from the right. Social media gives the impression that it’s a bunch of individuals freely expressing their opinions, but we’ve clearly scene many cases of organized manipulation. On the left, when feminists, LGBT or other group want preach and give the impression that their opinion is the only one, they close off comments. At the top, we have 5 or 6 billionaire controlling 70% of all written and broadcasted media. I see it even with the Georgia Straight Confession when they filter more right wing comments and posts to give the impression we live in a purely left wing world. I watch the manipulation of the media by both sides and I want to puke, because I think a lot of people have no clue how badly they are being manipulated. I also see people getting more scared to talk to one another in person or expressing their opinions publically due to the Internet lynch mobs or poker bullying groups getting some one fired (feminist, nra, LGBT, minorities, big business, etc.) are all guilty of it. I feel we need to get back to people talking to one another directly in coffee shops, homes and community group rather then staring at their phones.

people from bc

are cold selfish beasts. they only think of themselves. they are entitled narcissistists living on money earned from stolen lands. they use people and call it love.

Trumpire tumbling down

Obstruction of justice? Pah! How's high treason sound!? Looks good on you. Kleptocrats everywhere beware

Pathetic pet people

Walking around in public with cat hair covered clothes are creepy. Best get home- your hairy babies need you.

I voted Liberal, not for Communist-Manifesto-Hairpiece-Yuppie

I'm a bit chapped. It still bothers me that he praised Castro. Castro is a man who put people in pits in the ground. :( Sorry to rant and rave here, but I guess this might be allowed here? He's going to go surfing, helicoptering, and other ridiculous stuff while we struggle with housing, jobs, and inflation. This sure feels like a period of socialism is just starting-- though I have never lived through it. The leaders were always well-dressed, popular (populist, perhaps?), but greedy. I guess we voted him in though. That is democracy... perhaps diluted by corporatism though. I have no idea what I believe in anymore. This is just twist-and-turn in my stomach. Anyways, a rant! Again, sorry.


Saturday evening on the Skytrain

I saw you on the Skytrain, you sat across me. You were wearing black clothes and shoes. I looked...