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I once saw a fleet of UFOs

At Rideau Hall. Good hour of non stop objects translucent metallic blent into the sky only their outer circle visible. I grew tired of watching. Where was my cellphone when I needed it!?

Humans are disapointing

People don't change. They are who they are. They only thing that changes is their ability to hide it for a short period of time.

Fool for love

My ex gf told me that she isn’t happy. Fit, successful, healthy, beautiful, but not happy because she’s 34 and her life isn’t what she imagined it would be. She wants to have a family and she says it doesn’t look like it will happen soon though she’s been with her boyfriend for a few years. She calls me up when they’re having issues because “I’ve always felt like home”. I listen and support while holding my tongue from saying “I want that family with you”. That’s how it’s been the last 3 years while I’ve been single, hoping she will be single again too. Why do I love this woman so much when she isn’t choosing me? Maybe I made my bed when I let her go. It just wasn’t the right time. I want to tell her to be with me and she will be happy... but I don’t know if she sees it.

Mental Strenght

Is something that I've possessed without knowing it. Twice in my life women who I thought I would marry left me, I've been fired, screwed around, so broke I went to the food bank, lied to, and once had the city condemn my place and forced me out. In some of these situations I didn't have any control and some I did. In any case I found myself suddenly having to rearrange my life or figure things out on the fly. I never thought anything of it until I saw people going to pieces when bad things happen to them. I didn't think I was that strong mentally; but considering I'm doing ok and have made it through the bad things life gives me, I must be stronger than I thought.

It's not all about you

Ya I left and you're pissed at me. But it was you who kept making decisions regarding our relationship without telling me. If you're going to change the rules as we go, don't get mad at me for saying enough is enough.

What I hate about breakups

It doesn't matter what she did, how badly she treated me, or how much she took advantage of my kindness. Another guy will be there in a second to help her get over me. He'll think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread and listen to her whine about all the unfair treatment she's gotten. I'm old enough to know that this is just the way it is. Sure it's unfair that someone can act like an ass and get away with it. But I'm wiser now and will find a woman to appreciate me and help me forget about you.

A: My ass

Q: What does a bowling ball look like after it morphs into a beanbag?

Tell me how you really feel.

I’ve been having some issues feeling close to women. I decided to be completely honest and truthful with the women around me. I thought with all of the societal progress people have been trying to make that I could really say how I felt. Big mistake. Looks like I’m going back to strong and silent again.

I hate fake eyelashes (there, I said it)

Why do women wear these? You need to glue shit onto your face to feel acceptable? You can’t leave the house without your face wigs?? I look over beside me in the lineup and a woman has these 1” long falsies. It looks phony, it’s beyond obvious and it’s some adherence (pun intended) to a look that I just don’t get. Seriously, go natural and lose the glue. You will look so much better, and will be free of this artificial garbage.

The problem with trade

People sit around the table , the Japanese , the Canadians , the Chinese, the Americans, the Euros, the British. They hammer out deals amongst themselves through hard negotiations , sign the papers and walk away with the best they can get. Then come the lawyers who rip the papers apart to find every loophole possible to skirt the initial foundation of the deal. They'll find a way to say Bombardier is not Canadian just as easily as they can find a way to say that Mcdonalds is Scottish. Is a duck still a duck if it's feet are chopped off? Is a car still a car if it's brought in in pieces. Is milk still milk if it's broken down into its components . Who collects the taxes if the server is in the Cayman Islands? What is untreated timber? I could go on, but there's not enough room. Gradually the exploitation of these loopholes decimates the intent of the original agreement, and what was considered fair at the outset becomes a sinkhole for one side or the other. I hate to paraphrase him, but Stalin said that nations can't trust one another to do the right thing , deals have to be looked at all the time and reset if necessary... because Governments change! That time for a reset has come for NAFTA , the WTO and other major trade agreements. Trump is taking the proper stance in my view!

Only Explanation

I own a house and a few apartments make over six figures and I can't even get a date here. Only explanation is I must be extremely ugly with a bad personality.

All for settlement court money

For the ethical reasons, except I don’t think we can afford this. This is like social justice communism of some sort. Are we just going to keep on handing out money to people in the future as ethics continuously change through time?

Are SJW happy?

Why do they want to destroy one culture’s way of living to build their utopia?

Celebrate bravery

It is right to celebrate the bravery of soldiers who fought in battles especially in the World Wars. We should also celebrate the bravery of ordinary civilians who lived through these wars and survived, especially in occupied countries.

Bus Line Cutters

There are a couple places where people line up for buses. One being at the ferry terminal. It's unbelievable when people see a line extending far down the block and walk directly to the front, and get on in front of everyone who has been waiting. How are these people so entitled?


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