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One Time

in grad school I wrote a love letter to a classmate instead of doing the paper I was required to do. We were required to recite our papers and she didn't even attend! What a waste. It may have been the profs bock clocking. I'm not sure. The rest of my moronic colleagues were so confused they assumed it was brilliant.

"At The End Of The Day"

"At The End Of The Day" is more than just an expression. It's what I look forward to every day.

I'm gonna miss you

We had a few laughs, cried a few tears, saw some trolls, made a couple comments and a post or two. Also I came across people nice enough to make some constructive comments, that actually helped. But I cant play here anymore.. Trying hard not too. Lol Busy and all. Think I may have found a place. Yay Cheers Georgia Straight You Rock:)

Paying attention to my crush~

I collected pictures of my crush (clothed and unclothed) and it made me fantasize him in my sleep!

passive aggression

the moment friends start posting vague emotional messages or TMI on Facebook or other mediums, I lose all respect for them and I no longer consider them actual friends. Real friends communicate when there is a problem and not that sort of childish garbage. It's one thing to say "I need help." It's another to say things like "well, I guess no one likes me" or "here I am alone again" or "my friends let me down today"... it's immature and off putting. Bottom line, friends aren't mind readers, if you are upset, you need to talk to them.

The unfamous

I am attracted to men and women. I'm not sure how to navigate this. I don't think I've ever known. I've had a number of experiences with women, and just out of a long term relationship with an older man. Feeling very much alive and restless, optimistic, but perhaps a little unsure about whether to approach a woman now, or a couple, go poly, etc. I'm very friendly, but live an existence that's a bit complicated in the media.

how do you do it

how do people get up every day and work, cook, take care of kids, go to the gym, clean, groom... I write one assignment and am wiped out for the day. Absolutely no strength to do anything else

I moved here 6 months

ago to Woo a girl. But as time went on I changed my mind and lost my nerve. "Maybe shes not the one". Too much work! Now I'm stuck high up in my office looking out wondering whats next. Is it time to check out or stock up the fridge and bunker down with my warm camel socks for the winter months. Burrrr

Funeral wish

Many modern-day death announcements says something to the effect of "in lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to...". I don't want that at my funeral. I want the flowers. It'll be the only time I will have every received them.


Cutie at The Interrupters

We were up the front, you had your black hat on backwards. I had a short black dress with stripes...

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