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New word

I was at the McDonald's near the Hyatt downtown, waiting with the crowd for my drink order. It was a Thursday and I noticed there were a lot of people with name badges, so I figured there was a convention going on at the hotel. Beside me, I noticed an attractive man, also waiting for his order. He didn't have a name badge, but he was wearing a golf shirt and dress pants and had a laptop bag over one shoulder, so I assumed he was one of the convention-goers. I noticed him and he noticed me, but that was about it. The next day, I happened to require another McDonald's coffee, so I was at the same McDonald's at about the same time I had been there the day before. As I was standing, waiting for my coffee, I was checking a couple of things on my phone. And then I looked up and over to the cashier for some reason and there was Convention Guy again, staring at me. He was wearing a different colored golf shirt this time so I still contend he was at a convention or meeting of some sort. Anyway, we made eye contact for a meaningful second before he got called to the cashier. Just when he got called, my coffee came up and I was off to work. My new word? I totally Vancouvered that encounter. Sigh.

I drive

I'm enjoying driving again after years of not being able to afford it. Here's to car sharing! I especially like the Toyota Prius C, the engine sounds like a Jetson's flying car taking off. Zoom!

Routine visit to the family doctor

Has anyone else got a family doctor who refuses to prescribe any form of marijuana by saying that it lacks sufficient data or research to qualify as any kind of drug they feel safe to offer? My question is, how do they account for the numerous side effects and early deaths, mishaps and damage caused by today's legally prescribed, well documented drugs that they do continue to offer to patients and often to their detriment. If you are prescribed something that causes side effects there is no way to really turn back the clock, and doctors are well aware that people have turned to marijuana and cannabis products for decades in recent times and they could actually do research on that. Thinking about all the medical scandals that take place on a routine basis, not to mention the scandals in politics, religion and government in general it seems so petty to deny average hardworking people access to medical marijuana for their ailments and to deny the harm that many common drugs do far beyond anything that has ever happened with cannabis etc. Go figure.


It never ceases to amaze me the things that can be done with human hair, from turning it into wigs for kids with alopecia to fiber booms to help mop up oil spills.

I wanted to share

Great moment on east beach with octopus. you would have loved it. The times when I miss you most.


Hotel/motels are expensive. $570 tax-in for 5 nights? Sheesh. I better find a place quick.

A late-night walk downtown

Mid-30s guy here. I've lived in Vancouver for the better part of two decades, and used to spend a lot of time downtown around Granville and Davie and Robson. I live in Olympic Village nowadays, and don't get downtown as often as in my twenties. Went for a walk last night, down Granville to Davie, to Denman, and then down Robson to the Canada Line. Jesus. The abandoned storefronts. The plethora of cannabis shops and no-name Chinese junk stores. Everything from Davie and Nicola down to English Bay obliterated. Half-built condo towers with fencing and hoarding everywhere. Ruined view-cones. The dozens and dozens of empty restaurants and bars. The teeming masses of people clearly not from the area, pushing and shoving their way down the streets. Do we really need more of them in this city? What's happened to downtown, and the West End in particular? I remember it being vibrant and exciting even fifteen years ago. Now it just all feels depressing. Am I alone?

Surrey/Delta Transit

Why is the transit in these 2 municipalities really bad? Do they hate each other? Why can't I get to my job in Surrey between King George and 128th easily from Delta or even Scott Fricken Road? Why do I have to go waaaaaaaay up and then come back down? WITH a transfer. This is just ridiculous! You can't live anywhere when you take transit so make it more accessible so we can!!! FUCK


Sam the Bike Mechanic

The bolt in my seatpost was so stripped that you had to use a dremel on it, and that wasn't...

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