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Modular housing and Olympic Village

I realize this won't be a popular confession, but it's the truth, and I suspect I speak for a few folks. Mid-30s professional here. I own a townhouse in Olympic Village. Bought it in 2011. I worked hard over many years to do so, and I continue to pay through the nose in terms of property taxes, repairs, and maintenance. I appreciate the need for mixed neighbourhoods and housing solutions. I really do. I'm also acutely aware of the veritable lottery I've struck in terms of owning a home in Vancouver at all. But the increase in modular housing in the neighbourhood, coupled with the existing shelters and services already in the area, has really shifted the character of the neighbourhood, and not in a good way. When you pay over a million dollars for a place, you shouldn't have to suddenly worry about finding needles in common garden areas around it. You shouldn't be awakened at all hours of the night by randoms screaming and fighting over shopping cards in the street. Your houseplants and patio furniture shouldn't be stolen off your patio (as mine have been). You shouldn't be hassled for spare change as you leave your house in the morning to go to work. Restaurants and bars in the area shouldn't have to patrol washrooms for people who shoot up inside them. These are all issues that have coincided with arrival of modular housing in the past year. I get what the city is trying to do. And no, I'm not in support of ghettoizing people. But I don't like what's happening to my neighbourhood - a place I paid a LOT to live in - and wish there was some way forward so that everyone could have what they need.

Thanks for the apology

My ex messaged me a few days ago on Instagram.. she was apologizing for how she broke up with me because she left me during ones of the hardest times in my life. Telling me I’m great and I didn’t deserve what she did. Am I supposed to respond to that?? I KNOW IM GREAT AND I DIDN’T DESERVE IT. LOL. I’ve been doing just fine and my life actually improved when she left me! And now I get a DM about moving on focusing on the the good times we had. I’m focused on myself. Have a nice life...

Young People Advice

I manage a lot of young people and I think the biggest item I can stress is being on time first thing in the morning and being on time means being 10 minutes early for work. I am sick and tired of young people coming in at 9:10 am for a 9:00 am shift and then taking 5 or 10 minutes getting ready. Then I see them on their cellular phones doing god knows what during work time. I mean can't you put down that gadget for a few hours. Also most young people today are a bunch of snow flakes. When I reprimand them for being two hours late for work the waterworks turn on. Half the time their parents come in the next day to apologize for their kids being late and slackers. The parents and I see eye to eye. Parents aren't teaching them to be tough. I keep telling them at 18 years old the Greatest Generation were getting targeted by German machine guns at Juno Beach and you never heard them cry about it. That Generation earned it. It should be mandatory for everyone to have a 2 year stint in the military. It straightened me out. This younger generation is going to be looking after us old tops in the future and the thought scares the living daylights out of me.

From pretty to ugly in five seconds

When I'm in a good mood, I get playful and love interacting with strangers. The other day I got lovely news from my publisher, and on my way to celebrate I crossed paths with someone I thought was cool, but turned out to be anything but. Tattoos and fashion aside, she seemed cosmopolitan but her insecurity overshadowed anything she was trying to be, projecting immature defensive arrogance that transformed her from pretty to the ugliest person on the block. I felt sorry for her. I might not seem like much but I'm well-connected in an aesthetics field, and people that behave or react like her get left out of opportunity fast, especially in the circles I associate and do business with. You never know who you meet on the street, and that person could be or at least know your next boss/client/life-changing connection. Too bad that didn't occur to her; I'll remember her, and won't be for the way she might desire. I do hope she evolves, if only for her sake. I can understand how men complain about women being unapproachable when women like this act in this manner. There are many better ways to deflect attention without resorting to cruelty or arrogance. And there's no harm or cost in being kind.


I'm not making great headway on my ability to forgive and forget. In fact, when I read stories in the newspaper about people who have died and who lived in your area, I hope it's you. So, obviously, still have anger that I need to let go of. Yet I hope that karma dumps on you the exact same way that your bullying, lying, manipulative ass dumped on me. *Breathe* See? Still working on it. -_-


If a guy says he wants to kiss you and drives by your place a lot. Does that mean he likes you? Still waiting for that kiss.

Tiny dragons

Everytime a fly goes by me, I like to imagine they are miniature dragons. It makes me smile. Whispering dracarys is optional but highly recommended.

What to do with translink?

I feel that we should restructure all of their top staff until we have anyone who knows how to make services that don’t get you from point a to b in an hour and a half when it is 25 minutes by car.

Phones are not a necessity

For the existence of humankind up until about 5 years ago, people worked and were able to raise kids with out every family member having cell phones. This isn't up for debate. This is a fact. Humans survived 10,000 years without phones.


Suggestive T Shirt

Bus on Granville Street Friday July 19. You were sitting across from me and couldn’t miss your t...

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