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Transit - using common sense and kindness

Often, issues on transit that end up in frustrations arguments or conflicts could easily be resolved by resorting to common sense, but it is difficult to express that to an angry person. For example, often the buses are crowded and people with kids are competing with adults that have disabilities and pregnant moms etc so how do we allocate 5 or 10 seats for so many who need them? Common sense tells me that elderly and frail people with mobility issues need to be seated at the front for reasons of practicality as their bones are fragile and they risk less harm by moving through less space and having more leg room. People with suitcases, strollers etc have to prioritize and that means suitcases do not ever take priority over strollers. Strollers should be collapsible in most cases so that baby can sit on mom or dad when necessary thus freeing up space. It also makes sense for people in the other seats to give them up when necessary thus allowing vegetarian hipster types who work out regularly some way to utilize their fit bodies in standing for those who cannot. Younger kids should be taught to stand, safely, for those who cannot. It makes sense and kindness begets kindness, pass it on.

Lesson Learned

I’m burning bridges like it’s my last day on Earth. If you can’t show me any understanding, sympathy, honesty, or even basic decency you’re not worth my time or even virtual space on Fakebook. I have plenty of people who love and support me, and I’m good, better actually, without those who pretend to be friends but aren’t.

Must be so bad for him

One video, if it’s even real, instead of new weekly videos if there had been a relationship. I guess that’s life. Still, you accomplished your destroy mission no? That should be good enough, but apparently it isn’t.

truth is bold

the truth is.. I was in pain I was an alcoholic I was using I was broke I was a woman getting woke I thought my education was supposed to liberate me instead it dissipated me in a society so ignorant made me feel tied up again in a cage so tight the walls were closing in I didn't see a future I didn't see a friend And I don't hate you, man but I don't love you either and I'm not judging but I'm not settling neither heartbreak I've felt before I survived you and I survived that too At least I had the balls to look at my own face at least I saw the things I'd done in bad taste and yes I lost my cool but I also gained my head yes I played the fool but I also won my heart the question in front of me the answer forever old the truth lying somewhere above the matter the feeling of being bold


It would make my morning to hear Seth Rogen make the skytrain announcements.

Cleaning out my closet

I'm selling that stupid gift you gave me for Christmas. It was a lie, just like everything else you lied to me about. I'll be glad to be rid of it and everything else about you.


You are a cliché. Also, go to hell.

"Great dude" ?

Nice that you think so highly of yourself. Last I checked, "great" people don't treat others the way you treated me.

Bizarrely Vivid

A few times in my life I've had dreams so real I wake confused as to whether they really happened. Sometimes even days, years later I have a hard time knowing if it was imagined or not. The other night I dreamed I attended the art exhibit of someone I knew. One of the works was a paper cutout in the shape of a mother and child. It's such a random dull thing but this imagery was so vivid I could recreate this artwork (that doesn't actually exist) myself.

You are the best

Horse's ass we've ever seen. You've really found niche

Not as Advertised

I ordered an ethnic outfit from the country of my heritage on Etsy. Advertised as "homespun cloth", handmade etc. It took over a month to "make" and another month and a bit to arrive. And it's a cheap polyester- machine sewn- looks nothing like the photo mess! I doubt that I can return it, but am hoping because it isn't as advertised AT ALL that PayPal will issue a refund. Buyer beware I suppose. Guess I will have to learn to spin cloth and sew myself for a real authentic product.

I wish my spouse would cheat

Does anyone else ever slightly wish that their husband would cheat. So that they could at least have the balls to start a dialogue about having an 'open'marriage. After a very long time of being with someone, most of your life, you just need to fuck for the sake of novelty and excitement. anyone else ? no ? yes?

I guess I am a nerd

Eveey time I see a spectacular example of the female derriere I say to myself, out loud...”Look at that ass Takashi”. With the recent warm weather I have been saying that a lot.


I've never in my life felt so underestimated, misunderstood, or so projected into a role as a pushy person who wouldn't honor the wishes of someone else. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt in their perspective and try to see the good in them. Real life human interactions. Closure, sympathy. But this will do.

Lose my hair

Sometimes I wish that my hair would just fall out because I'm starting to get tired of spending money every two weeks to shave it off.


Motown party at the Fox

Near the end of the night I was dancing with friends by the wall and you came up to me and tried...


Savage Love: How to be a good orgy host

Hosting a sex party doesn’t give someone the right to insert himself into someone else’s scene.