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Love the changes

The news is now reporting the truth. Now they are talking about people voting for a populist liberal democrat and centrist republican. You wouldn’t have been allowed to say that 3 years ago... cool! I have a bit of faith restored! The pendulum is swinging back to reality.


I'm in my 30s with a wonderful partner . Yet not close to being married, having kids or financial stability . All my friends have seemed to have disappeared and have started their own families or the others are extemely single trying to relive their 20s. I see a couple of them once in a blue moon, but it's just so different It's so weird I feel more alone than before. I'm sure I'm not the only one .

Glass houses

I confess that I’m very frustrated with a friend who can’t seem to see their own issues for what they are. Instead they focus only on what’s wrong with everyone else, while completely ignoring the sad state of their own life. It’s impossible to even try to talk to them about anything that involves their own problems/challenges without them immediately becoming very angry and shutting right down. I used to still be willing to be open with them about my own insecurities and flaws, but since I realized that it’s always going to me who’s the “problem” person, I’ve stopped being open to that anymore. Our relationship is now completely damaged because I got tired of being seen as flawed while they got to paint themselves as someone who’s perfect. Trust me, their own issues are absolutely massive and I get why they want to avoid dealing with them, but it still gets pretty tedious with them sitting up on their high horse passing judgement without ever acknowledging their own stuff.

I just don’t get people

Why would you spend $80 to go the queen E to see Bill Burr if you are going to spend the whole time talking to your friends. My wife and I are trying to enjoy the show and the people behind us just wouldn’t shut up. Fackkkkkk

It's so nice to see her again

I never expected it. But in the new Star Trek, Seven of Nine comes back. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! She is sooooo hot and amazing!

I hate my roommate

It's just brutal. She's so uptight and fake. I try to get on the same page and be that fake cheery... but then I turn fake. Ugh. It's so draining too. It's like acting.

I wish I’d never signed

The effects of what he did have literally decimated my life in every way. It happened long before #Metoo. He had all the power and the money of a big organization and law firm behind him. I was trying to recover from a complete breakdown as a result of being subjected to relentless and ongoing psychological abuse for years, was out of a job (3 guesses why), and had no money or the emotional strength to cope with a trial. I also knew that I would be the one on trial, not him. Anyone who really believes that a woman would make a public accusation of sexual harassment by a powerful person just for the hell of it is nuts. We all know what those victims are subjected to in a trial, which explains why so few situations like this get reported. Now that I’ve lived all these years with the horrible side effects of the trauma he subjected me to, I wish I could go back I n time and never sign that non-disclosure agreement for the pittance that I got. Times are different now. I might have had a fighting chance. But all I can do now is hope that he rots in hell after a very long, drawn out, debilitating illness.

Raised my spirtis!

I just bought cigarettes at the local gas station and the ladies couldn't believe I am 34! Yahooo!! Still lookin' young!!


Looking for a non-chain cafe near Burrard...

I was waiting to cross the road on the corner of Granville St and Dunsmuir St. You came up to me...

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