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Overly Insecure Electronic Self

My roommate thought I was hacking her computer, or something magical, because one day it showed that her internet connection was unsecure. I don't know the details, but she's 32, living with new roomies, working retail, and crazy. I am soooo glad to not live there anymore. When people start accusing you of hacking because of random events on their computer, it's a sign to get the hell out ASAP.

Should I stay or should I go

I just turned 28, and am in my first/only relationship. We've been together for 3 years and live together. I care about him so much, but I've been finding myself curious about other guys...Because my bf is the only person I've slept with, or done anything sexual with beyond kissing (I was very timid). A part of me wants to be single for a bit to explore other options. I'm good looking and get attention from other men, and a part of me feels like my youth is passing by. My bf is several years older than me, so he has his own experiences, and it makes me a little jealous sometimes because I don't. He's such a great person and loves me so much, but I admit I have always had an uncertainty about our relationship. I can't have everything though, it's either stay with someone who adores me and treats me well but keep having these feelings of wanting more freedom, or leave him and be thrown into a world of unknown, where it could suck or be amazing. Where is the grass greener?

Hands on

My vibrator broke and I’ve had to make do without it for two weeks now, as I was away. I’ve never really been able to come without one, so I got pretty dependent on it.... But this two weeks has been revolutionary! Even though it takes way longer to come, my orgasms are so much better, and deeper without it. think it was ruining me and making me need way more stimulation in my non solo sex as well. My confession is that I’m weirdly proud of myself for how good I’ve gotten at getting myself off :p

Lucky lass

I recently reconnected with an old flame. He's cute, he's worldly, he's well-traveled, he's intelligent, he's everything I could ask for, but--given this day and age--do you know what the best thing about him is? He calls me. He has no use for text conversations and will text me only for short messages like when he's picking me up ("I'm downstairs") but he calls me every morning to talk, he calls me to discuss plans, he calls me if he has a question, he calls me like we all used to do before smartphones and apps fucked the whole thing right up. I haven't been in something this normal and healthy in well over a decade.

I hope Vision gets Erased come next election

it used to be that 100% social housing developments received city subsidies. Then Vision changed the meaning of "social housing" to at least 30% social in order to give subsidies to the developers who are now also cashing in on the remaining 70% rented at market value. We're too apathetic! Montrealers would have rioted.

Lighten up, Dude

"Watch it, A******!" is what I said to you, because you would have hit me with your bike if I hadn't stepped back. I was coming out of a store, and luckily I had seen you coming. I noticed you because you ignored the red light at the crosswalk and a pedestrian shouted at you. You ignored him and kept coming. You were riding on the sidewalk, less than 10 feet from a dedicated bike lane. You went through a pedestrian-controlled red light. You were riding at a faster-than-walking pace. You had your phone in one hand and were staring at it, not at your path through the crowd. You weren't even wearing a helmet. I always think about staying in the path of guys like you and meeting you with a fore-arm shiver, but instead I backed out of your way and said what I said. Your response? "Lighten up, Dude!" Obviously you were right and I was wrong. But next time I might not move back, I might let you hit me in the elbow with your face instead.

to my neighbours: my bad

I'm up late sometimes, window open in this heat and I laugh at dumb stuff online or w/e. my roommate told me that he doesn't get woken up, but I think I am. so I just want to apologize for being thoughtless.

Yes, I Love You

But to be truthful I never thought we were meant for each other. I always thought someone better matched would come along for you. I think you should be more honest about your physical qualities. Maybe set your aim a bit lower. I wish we could have been friends but it was never going to be anything more. It might be for the best if you crawled off again somewhere and had a happy life without trying to guilt me for your problems.

Those people

I can't stand people who aren't aware of their surroundings. These are the ones who walk into a store and stop dead in the entrance while they figure out where to go. They walk down the sidewalk with their heads in their phones until I almost run into them and scare them half to death. They are standing on the bus or skytrain and move a whole 2 cm to allow me to get by when I have to get off. I really can't stand you people.


I've been conflicted about my sexuality for many years........I'm curious about exploring with a woman, but am not very experienced sexually and not sure what to do. My attraction to women has never been acted upon, and waxes and wanes, but never goes away, and is more sexual. I'm Muslim and can never have this found out....for obvious reasons. I've always been very accepting of others sexuality and preferences but struggle with my own.... I need help on what to do..... No one knows except for one ex years ago.


I'm a male slut, I am. I love women and I love sex and combine the two. I've had plenty of women tell me that it's different for a man to be this way. That we don't get judged the same way and people think it's cool. Well that's not how it works at all. Most people tell me I'm sick, that I'll never form proper relationships and it's impossible for me to actually love someone. Both sexes tell me this, and both judge me pretty harshly so I keep things quiet. However my hats off to the gay male community, you've always been pretty understanding of who I am.


I honestly hate it when people, especially teenage girls, scream their heads-off in the middle of the night for no good reason. Unless they're in deep shit, like being assaulted, robbed, etc., I think it's reasonable to expect people out and about to keep their voices down when folks are trying to sleep.

No Frills.

I would probably be dead if No Frills had not opened. Cheap prices compared to Safeway, IGA, and Whole Paycheck. Cheap groceries is great!



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