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Morton's Toe

It freaks me out when I see folks with their second toes longer than their big toes. I don't know why, but sometimes it makes me dry-heave.


My mind hates you. My heart loves you.

Not at All

I am not sorry for being brave. I am not sorry for speaking out for myself. I am not sorry that I told the truth. I am sorry that I ever let you into my life.

Dear Desmond Cole

Maybe this sort of shit flies back east, but it does not here. If you are stopped by one our of Constables, you will comply with his lawful orders concerning identification. He has every right to ask for your name to serve a bylaw infraction ticket, and he let you off by not giving you one. We are civilized people here. We do not argue in the street with our Constables. If he was in the wrong, and you were in fact located in a place, at such a time, that smoking was permitted, you argue that before one of our Magistrates, who will give you a trial. Your attempt to make a scene did not work, but Mr. Constable would have been well within his rights to arrest your body for obstruction of justice, for failing to provide your name, thereby obstructing the issuance of the bylaw infraction ticket. Your race-baiting may play in this rag, but the general population here has little tolerance for grown men who act the fool with our Constables. We love our police in this city. They do a great job under increasingly difficult conditions. This USA-induced police hatred has no place in Canada. As to carding in general, a police officer is allowed to ask anyone for his or her name. The individual is always free to keep walking, or, to be certain that there is not some legitimate investigation, ask "am I being detained?" And if you are being detained, you comply with the police. We're civilized people here. If you were unlawfully detained, we have Small Claims Court, we have the Supreme Court, we have review panels for police actions. We have it very good in Canada and in Vancouver. Take your theatrics where they belong, which is not here.


I set an important personal goal for myself this year, to practice setting boundaries. After enduring years of abuse from some people in my life who simply ignored what I said and treated me very disrespectfully anyway, something in me had just finally had enough. It’s been really hard because In doing it I had to end a relationship with someone who I loved very much, and distance myself from some family members and friends. It’s been very lonely. On the upside, I’ve started to feel more peace inside me instead of the feeling of seething resentment, and I’ve begun to deal with the original trauma(s) that resulted in me not understanding how important setting boundaries and sticking to them really is to our self esteem. Still a long way to go, but it’s taken my whole life to get to this place and I know that total change is not going to happen overnight, and there will be times where I weaken and want to bring back the person who hurt me the most, but I know that it’s really me that I have to please now, since I’m the only one who is responsible for my own happiness.


Why is it taboo? It doesn't really seem that dangerous.

Craft a Dream

In my dreams I craft a world where you are tortured all day every day. You are left. Alone. With nothing and no one. You phone but they do not answer. You text but they do not answer. You beg and plead for their attention but no one, nobody gives a shit about You.

Virtual Reality

Will be the end of everything. And the folks creating it, selling it, pushing it are the ones who will profit off of the backs of the poor plugged in masses. They are sucking the life out of everything for another penny in their pockets. Gross! These are the folks that can't function in real life situations so they are creating a world where no one has to participate in actual human interaction any longer. Gross, soulless people.

Not Settling

I am a good person and I deserve love in my life. Its hard dating in the city. Most men are only after one thing and once they get it they disappear. My friends and I are all beautiful, intelligent, hard working, and accomplished people yet we're all single. I will not settle for anyone who doesn't light my soul on fire.

Finally got my libido back omg

I’ve been on a serious dry months...I did not give a single fuck about getting off or getting anyone else off. Well..I guess the dam broke the other day because I have been listening to redditGWA since Sunday afternoon and fuxking myself in the most inopportune moments... like every single one. Driving. At work while writing reports. Getting up in the middle of the night to go get off because I can’t sleep. Right now as I’m writing. It is getting a little intense. Right now. Meta exhibitionism..writing about getting off in public, while getting off in the sounds of people getting off in public..I mean does it ever end? I hope not..

It was me

I'm the one who told on him because the rest of y'all are too paralyzed by fear and apathy after so many years of abuse. Plus something about "family". I'm the reason the vet asks you so many questions during each visit. But when you asked me why of course I attributed his behavior to "professional intuition". Dear Dr. Vet:. thank you for protecting me by ignoring me during the entire visit.

Not Fair

Landlords listen up! Are you aware that tenants with children actually cause 3.75 times more damage on average than pets? Are you also aware you are violating the human rights code to not rent to me and my non human companion? I depend on them to function in life and you are doing yourself a selfish deed by slamming the door in my face when I'm in dire need of a safe place to live. Stop this "no pets allowed" bullshit. I've seen little snotty faced brats do far worse damage than any pet as big as a horse. Frustrated.

Addicted to food...

...videos. I am dealing with an illness and I’m frequently unable to eat. Since it started I’ve become obsessed with watching those little videos where they make a food dish, or I watch cooking shows. It’s comforting somehow.


at the rock show

we looked at each other a bunch throughout the night (i had blue lipstick, u had longish hair)...