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... I was waiting in line somewhere and this woman turns to me and says she's a psychic and that she wants me to pick a tarot card on her phone, so I do. I got one that says someone I used to communicate with wants me to get in touch. I wish I believed in that sort of thing, but I don't, so I won't get in touch with anyone.


If all you talk about is movies, I interpret this as you lacking real life experiences. You come across as a shut-in. Throwing yourself out there in the world is more valuable than what Adam Sandler said. Life is not meant to be lived in your living room, despite the name.

The Professor

I'm scared to tell my friends and family that Jordan Peterson has helped change my life.

A Bunch of Garbage

Am I the only one who is annoyed that Vancouver is considering taxing or banning coffee cups, it now costs .10 cents a piece for a plastic bag at most grocery stores and people can be fined for putting recycling in their home garbage... ...YET... Anyone can go into any grocery/drug/big box store and buy a case of Pampers with no tax, ban or fine? Is is not just as obvious that they are going straight to the landfill? A breeder friend of mine recently told me her baby uses 200+ diapers a month. The most take-out coffees I'ver ever consumed in a month is probably 10-15. Am I missing something?! *** Full disclosure: I do not have kids and do not know if I ever will. Truth be told I would probably use disposable diapers if I did. I just don't really get how throw away coffee cups and plastic bags are such a problem but plastic throw diapers are not. Maybe I'm just feeling bitchy because I forgot my reusable bags at the grocery store the other day and got charged .40 cents extra.

I quit my job

I have no obligations. I'm just wandering about the earth trying to kill time and hoping you'll suddenly see me as a good decision. See me as a good decision?

Don't even feel it

B2ten spends millions to create an Olympic athlete. #poorpeoplecouldusemillionstoo.

Easy Street

Downtown Vancouver is so magnificent with the high-rise buildings beautifully lit up at nighttime. Y'know. Just for the fun of it. Wouldn't it be great to sponsor the education of a young person aging out of foster care? Y'know. Help them out. Just for the fun of it.

To shower or not two shower

The Robert Lee Downtown YMCA installed new shower heads. Fellow members: if you don't like them, go shower at home. At least you have two showers. Some people have none. Stop taking up valuable pool space with nothing else to do Other than stand around and complain about "not enough water."

Dog Owners

A few years ago, I was visiting my parents at their place with my girlfriend. On the second day we were there some friends of my parents came over with their little dog. The dog was cute and all and was pretty much their child since they couldn’t have children of their own. They would talk on and on about how smart the dog was and such a picky eater, he wouldn’t be caught with any generic dog food, only the special expensive stuff they bought was his taste. I still haven’t told them that I caught the dog in our bathroom chewing on my GF’s used tampon like it was a piece of steak. Or the fact that I later saw the wife giving her dog a kiss on the mouth, special food my ass.


Just came home from vacation. I have nothing to hide but believe in privacy and my roommate has been through a bunch of shit in my room. I'd like to smack him upside the head. He obviously went through my laundry bin (panty sniffer?) and read through my journals. Again though, nothing to hide. It's just creepy and I feel violated. I wonder what he was hoping to achieve.. I'm moving.

We dated for over a year

Whenever I tried to end things, you would charm me back to you. The last time we were together you and I made plans and talked about our want to spend time together. Then you became distant. Then you stopped responding altogether. Then you finally called me and I was so happy to hear from you. But you only called to tell me you couldn’t see me any longer. I appreciate that you finally spoke to me and shared your feelings and said goodbye instead of simply disappearing. But I confess I am still hurt and have not been able to turn my emotions off of you. I miss you but I am also confused by your behaviour. Why did you keep holding on and charming me back just to dump me once I finally let you in. I waiver between heartbreak and anger. I wish that I could see you one more time in person to have my say...but now you will not answer my messages. You are a master at ignoring the things you don’t want to face.

Prison Blues

Had a dream that Christy Clark was in prison and i was her very mean jailer. Woke up feeling guilty, till i had my morning coffee and gave my head a shake , now i think of it as a good dream.


Gorgeous Redhead w/ Great Smile / 1 st and...

I was walking along 1 st at Burrard and you moved out of my way. ...