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A Selfish Prick

In my suburb the noise bylaw is 8pm. Right now and every fucking weekend/some week days there's a guy a few houses down using a goddamn power saw. It's not a use and stop and then use again in 10 seconds or whatever it's constantly on and cutting wood. He usually cuts until it's dark which weeks ago didn't happen til much after 9pm. I could certainly call the cops on him to stop but he will just keep doing it anyway next weekend. What the fuck do I with it? I guess I have to. Maybe I'll be in a bad mood one night and actually call it in. I want quiet after 8pm from power tools.

Ladies, where are your politics at?

Because the man you're looking for might not be in Vancouver. He might be in a small town. Maybe across the border. Just show up; if there's a guy who's single and looking, the granny grapevine will make damned sure he says hello to you. He'll have all those wonderful qualities you're looking for, such as the reliability and the chivalry that doesn't patronize you. But he will be a Trump supporter. Can you handle that? I met such a man when I had some business to attend to in a small town across the border. I don't know where things are going yet, but just knowing that such a man exists gives me hope enough.

And Scene

I didn't want you as a side, and I didn't want a fling. You got it all wrong. I didn't know anyone like you existed! I had a bit of a crisis when I met you. I went from knowing I was satisfied to knowing I wasn't. Took me awhile to figure it all out. Obviously there was some resistance, some push and pull. I want the life you gave someone else!! I would still take that role. But I think it's past the point you'll make a change for that to happen, too many years for me in limbo, so I made a decision.

Women and tights.

This isn't so much a confession as it is an observation. I've noticed that many women in Vancouver wear black tights, they go with everything but that doesn't mean you have to wear them everyday. All sizes of women too are wearing these tight black cotton pants, even large very obese women are wearing them and they don't seem to mind that the fabric stretches across their asses. I'm sure tights are comfortable but it's just as much a fad as wearing pajama bottoms outside of your home. What happened to good old blue jeans or yoga pants?

My Life Sucks Actually

I do this thing where I try to play it cool and casual with others, and help people through whatever, but myself I'm not doing super hot. I'm kinda hiding out because I'm embarrassed, and frankly not very motivated to get my shit together, even though I know how. I've been quietly crashing and playing it cool for about 6 months, and there are a few things I really didn't want to screw up, but with anxiety in mind it all just collapsed together. Three years ago I was ready to try anything and thought everything would pan out great. I tried sport; I got skilled, but pulled away when I got attention and didn't like it, so I stopped. Tried business, but my partners pulled out, so I ended up in a field I didn't like that I only pursued for the prospect of early retirement. I also owe money from thinking I'd be comfortably wealthy, but that didn't happen. Now, even though I'm always there for my friends, I kind of want to retreat all the time because I'm concerned something is very wrong with me. I'm hoping I'm just in, like, a loser phase, and I know those were my choices, but damn.

My parents are trump supporters

I’m more than a little disappointed that my parents are trump supporters. I just finished a road trip where my mother was telling my kids that global warming is a myth.

The irony!

After a couple of years of reading this site I’ve noticed a bizarre irony. Post after post from guys complaining constantly about how they can’t get a woman and making a whole lot of statements claiming to know exactly why they can’t get one, what “all” women want, how abused men are in our society, how the legal system is against men, etc, etc, etc. The irony being that these men clearly have very little (if any) experience with actual women, even though they believe that they know everything about us! So I have decided to give up even bothering to try to educate them about the legal realities (a subject in which I’ve a great deal of experience) because they’d much rather console themselves with self-pitying lies than learn the truth. I give up trying to point out the extreme double standards that obviously exist in our society as it relates to the expectations that men have for women (particularly in the looks and behaviour categories), when these guys whine about how unreasonable women are in having any expectations whatsoever from a man. Finally, I give up trying to get them to understand that absolutely NO ONE has the right to have sex with another person just because they exist and they want sex! There’s nothing other than actual experience that is ever going to teach these guys a thing, and from what I’ve seen, they’re not going to be getting that experience any time soon thanks to their ridiculous attitudes.

Should be the same, but...

Facebook is public and some people treat it too publicly and that can be amusing sometimes, or sad, really sad. Lately I've been creeping this academic as she goes through her midlife existential crisis. The creeping is not out of any genuine interest or anything. More like I feel I'm witnessing a really slow train crash that I can't look away from. 40s, self-critical about her aging, posting post after post trying to grasp onto her slipping sense of self-worth, objectifying young men in their twenties, bragging about luxuries, situating herself within the network of her discipline. I was thinking when male academics go through this they sleep with a few students and they do it quietly because of the power imbalance (and because it's f*cking sad). However, I don't see any of the anxiety about power when it's a woman at the top. Her friends all giving her thumbs up, hearts. You go girl! Abuse that tenure! WTF??

Overreacting maybe

This guy I really liked ended up calling girls he'd hooked up with (one even the exact night before we hung out) right in front of me, in my room while I was sitting there. I left to go to the living room and he closed my door to continue talking to her in private. My friend told me I should have told him to leave but I really liked him and didn't want to see him go. I feel like an idiot. I don't know if I'm overreacting or not. I don't imagine he'd be too pleased if I called a bunch of dudes I'd had sex with and had 10 minute conversations in front of him. Especially after saying I'd slept with them the previous night. I'm sad about the whole thing though I don't know if I plan on seeing him again. I just wanted him to leave this morning. I kept thinking about it and it was bothering me.

Survey - giving numbers out to strangers

Did this used to be a thing? Last night after I left a bar, man approached my friends and gave them his number for me. I didn't speak to anyone there except my friends and the waitress. I don't remember making eye contact with anyone. I don't know why this man would think I'd call a complete stranger? Back in the day, did people used to just hand out their phone number to people they found attractive, and then the people would call them? I'm not throwing shade, I'm legitimately curious about this.

Who ?

I keep seeing ads for big concert events featuring acts I've never heard of. Man, I miss guitar driven rock and roll.

Bad genes

Despite my best efforts( working out, eating well) I've become an extremely unattractive middle age man. The complete lack of attention from women is a lonely experience.

itll pass

the real reason im leaving my job is my mental health, not because i want in another field. i have minor psychosis and difficulty trusting people and reality. sometimes you cant dump it on ur friends or family, they get scared and leave me, slowly. im single again but i still believe ill meet somebody who i can talk to about my mental state. i feel like i lost myself, i didnt like myself much at that time but i want to find that person. this really isnt so bad, just the self pity and melencholy that accompanies it. life will be good.


CP rail cop, Port Moody

At the Esso station last weekend, you were buying water to hand out to the homeless people. A man...