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Its funny

You know whats funny about people who make offers when you dont even ask for anything ? Meh When it falls through, and it always does. You dont care ! It was never in the plan anyway. No expectations there. Just a bunch of hot air ! See what I mean ? Funny

The crisis beyond the crisis beyond the crisis.

Over 2 years, I lost 9 friends to suicides and od's. This was 2016-2018. I have lost a few more, and during covid every family member I know has lost someone they were close with. mine was a heart attack of someone under 40. acute pancreatic cancer was another. stroke was another. od was the other. there's no point to this ramble. there is no soap box. there is no nothing. life is pain. but life goes on. it's all it can do.

I'm falling in love....

I've been cooped up too long, watching too much news on TV... and now I'm falling in love with BBC news broadcaster Mike Embley! He seems so nice and intelligent and cultured. And we are the same age (mid-60s). I want to bear his children in an alternate universe. Haven't mentioned this to hubby.

You know,

Sometimes a simple smile can make you day. Thank you Universe

I can't even imagine

how people are going to practice social distancing on the Skytrain station platforms while waiting for their train. Not to mention inside the train itself! I used to commute on Skytrain a couple of hours every day but I retired last year, I couldn't have timed it any better.

I apologize

Today I did something that Im deeply ashamed of.I yelled "what the **** you staring at? This is not who I am.I take responsibility for what I did and Im not making exuses for my actions. But I felt judged and discriminated against so my defences went up and I lashed out. I was assembling a wheelchair on the sidewalk when I felt this strangers eyes on me. I wont see her again but if I do I will apologize and hope she forgives me .

90s Teenager

I miss music videos. And CD liner notes.


I'm fairly socially isolated at the best of times - live alone, chronically ill and on disability. It's been much worse since March when things shut down. I'm really struggling. I don't have a lot of people to reach out to, and when I try to, I don't get much response. Please, if you know people who are in similar circumstances, check in on them once in a while.

what to do

MY social anxiety is so bad and covid has crippled me further


Lime-green-yellow bike helmet guy, biking...

You: were biking on the Adanac bike path just before Templeton School. It had just started to...


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