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I'd like to drive across Canada again someday.

Missed the mark

I overshot what I thought was normal in my friend group. They didn’t like me dressing up in my furry outfit at the last Bbq. Why not bbq while dressed up classy style as a penguin though? It was a grande day. I still feel accomplished.

Sad Lonely Writer

I wish I was talented at something. I thought I was going to be a writer. I used to write. Badly. But now all I do is write mean stuff about women I'll never have a chance with. I wish I could stop, I'm scared I have nothing going for me. Not true, I know I have nothing going for me. This is all I've got. A long lonely life waits for me.

Sad Day

I asked my Dad and his girlfriend if I could stay with them for a bit cause I was in a bad situation. His girlfriend says " it wouldnt work you staying here because the bus does not run from here to town". I was calling from a motel at the time. Miles away from anyone. Almost the saddest day of my life. Family.

Best before date

I've lost the weight, but I gained scars and wrinkles. I sag where I had the extra flesh. I'm working on my mental health but I'm never going to be normal. It's a slow process. Maybe one day I'll be well enough to date, but the expiration date on my looks will be before then

Pat on the back

For those of you out there who have transcended limiting beliefs, societal expectations, self-doubt, excuses, ego, and fear and have worked your ass off to produce something you are proud of, I salute you. I confess that I hope to one day cut through my bullshit and do the same.


I've been on disability for a few years and just started working part-time recently. The Ministry of Social Development is making things so difficult for me I might have to leave my job. Shouldn't they be encouraging people to work as their health allows? I want to have the best life I can, but it seems I get punished for trying to do anything.

It Happened

After trying to find a girlfriend in the Lower Mainland for years I was about to give up. I was never good looking or successful enough. It was always one thing after another. I almost lost hope but went on vacation in the Netherlands and met so many amazing women. They were beautiful, cool, confident, had their own jobs, and challenged me physically and intellectually. I fell in love with one and she has moved here to live with me. Sounds really crazy and its completely unlike anything I would do but I had to take my shot. Don't lose hope people in Vancouver and take your shot at love.

No Excuses

Ever since that time someone who was obviously texting and driving nearly went through a red light and hit my dog an I, I'm a real asshole to people who text and drive.


I have always made a point to thoroughly warm my partners up with oral. Although it was never expected, it's quite nice to be reciprocated.


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