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Mind blown

I realize today that you can get through life with out common sense

Is it Mercerism

Chickadees A few dogs A spiders web My co worker encounters a raccoon regularly on his way home Weeks a go I saw a Stellars jay But the wildest creatures I encounter each day are humans

Unfulfilling, But...

I live with the dysfunction at my workplace because I have a roof over my head and the alternatives are worse.

Never getting better

I was abused by my husband in every way for 17 years, I have PTSD from it. A year after I left him I met a man I let my guard down and I trusted him and loved him and then he cheated on me. My ex owes me over $10,000 in child support and he's doing everything possible not to pay it. Everyone tells me how strong I am but I'm not... I'm hanging on by a thread for my kids. I used to have hope that it would all get better but you know I know it's not going to. I know life isn't fair but it just seems like for some people it's more fair.

It makes me feel dirty when I think about..

..buying weed at a government bud store..for decades they kept their thumb on the government realizes that they are going broke and they need the tax revenue...dont fool yourself it is not about our is all about the I think I will keep calling my buddy..he deserves the revenue and I salute the government with a little digitus imputicus..

Dumb Luck

Sometimes making it 'big' is just through dumb luck. I met my husband online 14 years ago. We both had entry level positions making 35k a year. He rose up the ranks quickly and now makes 500k a year. We live a very comfortable life. But I didn't sweat and toil to get here. I know I'm really lucky and am very grateful. But I know it was just dumb luck I met a really talented guy.

Does not compute

I don't understand how people go to gyms. I mean, I exercise and work out. But the thought of having to go somewhere to do it, and then be surrounded by a bunch of strangers, and pay a monthly fee. I get it, they have lots of cool machines you don't have at home. But there is not much you can't work out with a floor, dumbbells, pull-up bar. I know, I know, different strokes for different folks. I just find the thought of working out surrounded by strangers very weird. Peace and love to everyone! There is room for all of us here on earth!

Poly busy

Thought in would be great to have a few men at a time.Turns out its way more work then I could have imagined.All the amazing sex is not as passionate as one would hope and I’m getting tired of driving to them at their convenient.

No one cooked for me when mom died

Mom died a year ago. No one cooked for me, no one brought food. They helped a bit with clothes, books and other stuff. Fundamentally I was hosting them and had to cook and serve and make big decisions. Not once was a meal offered. Not once was I told to just sit and relax and allow myself to be cared for. The very day my mom died, the first friend to show up didn't even raise a finger and I had to cook for the both of us. She just talked about herself. Then, no invitations over the holidays. Alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas. No one called or invited. My neighbours knew what happened, they couldn't be bothered to have me over for tea. I am using this experience to remind myself why I want and need to leave the west coast. I'm hoping to find a better place.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a person of conscience living in this city. Living in this city, for the lucky ones who can afford to, involves stifling your conscience on a daily basis. Pretending the scope and scale of blatant homelessness isn’t a crisis. Apologizing to those asking for money. Not gawking at the poor souls locked in a half-bent fentanyl-induced pose in the middle of the day, on a busy route. The constant need to turn a blind eye is turning me into a soulless callous person.


Bird nerds at Reifel bird sanctuary

You: video game designer, green jacket and a large camera (and your dad was an ornithologist)! Me...

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