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She wants me

But I don't want her. She's kind of crazy and hot... I want to do dirty things to her, but I don't want to connect to the personality forever :/ I would be scared that I get trapped in a relationship... forever.

Hard drop

Done with social media Done with the likes Done with the dumb food/latte art/beer pics Done with seeing pictures of people doing nothing Done with wasting life on this Done with people posting and never talking to me IRL Done with the approval seeking DONE ✅


When you meet your friends and all you do is talk about yourself without even acknowledging the person in front of you, asking how they are or listening to them, you are a shitty human being. All you actually want is a huge, friendly ear to satisfy your never-ending need for attention. You need to learn that the world does not revolve around you. Grow up!

OK Boomer

I'm a millennial but this is the type of meme that makes me cringe just as much as older generations bashing "millennials", calling them snowflakes, etc. Anyone looking down on an entire generation shows that they're not open-minded enough to have a discussion with someone different from them or with different views and life experiences. There's no need to use insults to make your point.

Peoples Confessions

There are some confessions on this page that are gut wrenching. The pain people endure is amazing. I have great sympathy for them while i'm reading them. On another hand though, I can't help but think that we each choose our lives. Yes, we all suffer to some degree in our lives and that suffering can cause life long drama, yes, yes. BUT we ALL get to choose what we do, and how we live our lives. It's no one else fault if you do not have zen. I woke up early Saturday. lay in bed day dreaming for a few hours about life, my past/furture etc. and now I'm here quietly drinking a coffee in peace. Because I choose to have this lifestyle I'm more content than I think I've ever been. But I choose it, by not having crazy people in my life. Choosing to spend more time on/with myself more than anyone else. You can do it to, you just have to want it.

On Anecdotes

I told her I was tired of all her crazy shit. *Morgan Freeman Narrator Voice* But he wasn't tired of all her crazy shit at all. Every day he woke up hoping for more of her crazy shit. But more crazy shit never came.


My uncle was admitted to the hospital last week. He suffered from a massive stroke and they put him in the intensive care unit. I’m hoping he’ll pull through and make it, but on the other hand he doesn’t deserve to be a vegetable waiting to die. Somehow I think that maybe the doctors should just let him go in peace so that he won’t suffer anymore. Set him free.

Mind blown

I realize today that you can get through life with out common sense

Is it Mercerism

Chickadees A few dogs A spiders web My co worker encounters a raccoon regularly on his way home Weeks a go I saw a Stellars jay But the wildest creatures I encounter each day are humans

Unfulfilling, But...

I live with the dysfunction at my workplace because I have a roof over my head and the alternatives are worse.


It’s hard to give a bus driver your number

I had been walking in Pacific Spirit and got on the number 14 eastbound by the golf course. I...

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