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I am from an angry culture

I seriously am, but I grew up in Canada... The weird thing is I feel this anger, but there is no way to express it casually in Canadian culture without people getting upset. I wonder if there is a genetic reason that I experience anger and if it is lost upon most Canadians because they are from other parts of the world originally. I just wonder.... I know... It's probably cultural, but I wasn't really exposed, so I don't know how that would happen. I think we may have slight differences in us, but I am not a geneticist. I don't really know, and it's hard to find any information on except for genetic markers that result in slight increases in genetic diseases, heart disease, types of cancer, etc.

I'm not the best person

I broke up with someone because they wouldn't eat gluten even though they could. If you don't want to try my sourdough, it's not gonna work out. What next? Everyone is gonna quit coffee and be even more boring than they already are?


I've spent my whole like basically trying to not bother people. It hasn't been very fun. I've been walking around like a mouse, trying not to be seen. Not very fun.

It’s been done

I was driving past my old workplace today. At first I could hardly look at the building because it reminded me of things that happened there. But then I took a deep breath and said “Eh it’s been done.” I just kept right on driving to my current job and couldn’t be more happier. Life can be shitty sometimes but the best thing about life is that it does go on. What happened in the past stays in the past. It’s been done.

Harry and Meghan

I don't want a dime of my taxes spent on supporting their lavish life.

I wasn't Even Sad

My memories of my grandfather are all negative. He was a very mean person. When I was 4 I woke from a nap to see him outside with my father. They had a gorgeous German Sheppard puppy. It was the first time I had seen a puppy. I ran with excitement only to be met with a smack to the face. He yelled at me and told me to go to my room. I never got to play with the puppy. 2 years later my mother woke me up around midnight, she told me my grandfather had passed away. She was crying and I couldn't understand why? I remember feeling bad for "not feeling bad". I tried to force myself to cry, but I couldn't. I felt awful that a little joy was sparked inside of me from his death. Good riddance to that asshole. It was a crime just to be excited or overly happy around him. Reflecting back on this I understand why I am so youthful with energy and absolutely don't take any shit from assholes. Fuck you old man, the world is much better without you.

Thanks for the light

Thanks to all the people who leave their Christmas lights up through the month of January. It is such a dark time of year that seeing the Christmas lights can lift my spirits.

Life goes k.

Someone complained to me about how they really miss their old workplace buddy because they went out partying and drinking together. They hung out a lot and were almost inseparable. Now those days are gone and that person wonders why his friend doesn’t stay in touch so I had to just set him straight. I tried to help him understand that sometimes people grow out of each other and have other priorities to work through. I told him that person he used to know has probably decided to move on with their life and that it’s best to let them follow their own path. I also explained to him that it’s important to practice non-attachment to outcomes, meaning to let things come in and out of your life without trying to hold onto them so much. Whether he wants to take my advice or not is his choice. Some people eventually get the bigger picture, but others tend to grieve and need time to process things. After all is said and done, things change and stuff happens, but life does go on.

Homesick Expat

I’ve lived abroad for more than seven years now. It’s what I wanted when I was younger, and my wife and I loved the life we had in Van years ago, and we like the life we have now. But trying to live on two different continents with family on each side of the pond is expensive and complicated. My wife has been offered an incredible job opportunity and she should take it, I want her to, but it means we have to post-pone our dreams of moving back home...again...which just makes me sad. Life is better in Canada, and my mum’s health issues are only getting worse. How do we make a life in two different countries, 4 thousand miles apart without destroying our future financial goals and dreams of building a family of our own?

Harry and Meghan stay out!

Thanks but no thanks. Find another country. We don’t need your self-serving sideshow.


Richmond Dyke

I was on my Ebike riding in the snow on the Dyke in Richmond Thursday afternoon you were...

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