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On Loss

In 1978 a corporation known as The Hershey Company released a peanut flavored crisp covered in chocolate known as 'Whatchamacallit'. In 1987 perfection was achieved in a layer of caramel was added. American citizens happily lived a utopian dream eating Whatchamacallit bars, while Canadians were secretly given an identical bar called 'Special Crisp' (but only in select markets). Then in 2008 the recipe was changed to cheaper ingredients and the bar was ruined forever. Those of you in BC who never experienced the Whatchamacallit in it's former glory are lucky to not share the deep pain Americans have felt since 2008.


I remember commenting on an online book chat about something that happened on page 2 of a new book in a series I was reading. It wasn't even a line. It was just something like, "Oh, when Mary says that thing to Walter.... Bawl!" Page 2. And someone comments, "Um, please remove your comment and in future, preface any spoilers with SPOILER ALERT." I deleted my comment and have never commented on anything again. Sorry, but vaguely referring to something on page 2 of a fucking book is not a fucking spoiler you power-hungry moderator twats.


Dear my sweet Vancouver people, PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND COURTESY/RESPECT ON TRANSIT. The next person who 1) stands right in front of the train doors when people are trying to get off 2) tries to act like they don't see you standing in A LINE LIKE A CIVILIZED INDIVIDUAL yet try and cut in front of you 3) Refuse to acknowledge other people MIGHT ALSO want to on the train/bus and shuffle their ass - will be getting checked THE FUCK OUT.

Don’t You Just Wish Sometimes?

That you could completely lose it on the person in your life that makes everything suck and they would just get it all of a sudden? Like all the pent up rage from them being unfathomably stupid would just make them suddenly understand? Or better yet, they just realized it without you having to tell them? Ahh, the most satisfying moment that will never ever come.

Bacon Trial Headline

Shouldn't it be tried for allegedly counseling someone to commit murder? IMO this sort of headline has tainted the jury pool, you're saying he's being tried for having counseled someone to commit, not being tried because someone has alleged that.


There is no thin against fat in feminism. Full stop. There are bigger fishes to fry!

Stupid "Justice" System Should be Overhauled

Right here on GS article, guy using Taxis to deliver fentanyl and heroin. States "However, the judge also noted that Ranu had a prior drug conviction in 2008" and doesn't want to say the other stuff he's been caught for. I looked him up in the court registrar and: 23-Dec-2014 CCC - 267(a) Assault with a weapon 03-Jan-2015 CCC - 145(3) Breach of undertaking or recognizance (5 counts) 10-Mar-2006 CDS - 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking (two counts) 27-Oct-2005 CDS - 5(1) Trafficking in Controlled Substance (two counts) Selling stuff that kills 4 people a day in the GVRD. People don't get caught with everything they this guy has been getting away with this for years. This is not some poor innocent father, look at all the counts above. Want to bet he'll get 5 years, but be out in three?

Not strong in math

She said "I don't want you I don't need you and there ain't no way I'm eeever gonna love you. But don't be saaad cus one outta two ain't bad."

Liberal Bullies

I secretly think liberals have become the bullies. There are a lot of “interest groups” that people don’t support, but they can’t say it out loud for fear of repercussion in social media, their jobs, etc. They won’t admit it, but when they are in the voting booth, they give them the big middle finger. What we need is moderate thinking again and to stop pandering to the extreme left or right.

I Confess

I confess that when I was 14 I was very promiscuous and had sex with someone that I shouldn't have. Unfortunately the condom was not removed properly and I became pregnant. Because both of my parents were very abusive towards me I felt like I had no choice but to try to go alone and try to keep the baby away from them. Until next time I wasn't perfect enough.. I quit smoking cigarettes and started eating healthy until I was returned to my parents who noticed something was up. My dad beat the shit out of me after an argument about living arrangements and I was puking for days. At that point I was 15 weeks along and decided that I have an abortion. It was excruciating and because of him I will never forgive him. It was painful and made me sick for a long time. Whenever I look at him I just want to throw up! That's my confession. I think he's a piece of shit.



New West Skytrain Station...we both got on the train heading downtown Van.City...You sat across...

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