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Cheeseburger Bird

I have this reoccurring dream that I am back at work from a job I was let go from many years ago. I am busting my ass off and working hard all the while realizing that I have not punched in, so won't get paid. I've had this dream over 10 times...I think I need to find a new job to break my subconscious.

Dental Nightmares

As a kid, I had a horrific experience with my Italian Dentist. Worst breath ever! and yelling to open my mouth " wider wider wider" . I hated going to this guy. It must have impacted my life. I dont fault for not taking care of them better. Finally I went to a very nice dentist who told me most of teeth had to come out. I sat there, and got er done. But now its....D ....D.......DENTURES!!!! Is there anything else out there.? Thank you for reading

Things not to say....

...when a friend tells you how difficult their recovery has been from a recent surgery, it’s probably NOT a good idea to say “LOL” and compare their situation to someone else much older who had a much easier recovery. Another reason I’m seriously doubtful that this friendship is actually for real. People, keep in mind that you can’t possibly know all the details about another person’s health situation, so you should be very cautious about doing those types of comparisons. Every person’s situation is unique when it comes to how their body responds to surgical interventions.


Today a male colleague aged 50-something asked me (female) that I "must be wondering about" him. LOL. I actually never think about him and he's the last thing on my mind, either at work or at home. Shows how egocentric this guy is. If I'm not dreaming about the sun, I'm thinking of my work projects, my demanding sports, my kids, my friends, fantasizing about clothes, making skin care goals, and what I'm going to eat next. You, senior citizen, aren't even on the radar.

I Showed Up On Time For A Reason

I just wish I could go to a concert and stand beside my partner on the floor to watch the show without some latecomer trying to squeeze in between us when the music starts. Thanks, Vancouver.

I don't read comments on my posts because I think trolls are fleas on the fleas on dogs in Whoville.

I am "techno-slow" and recently realized that there's a button for comments on our confessions. (Duh?) I love and use this column because it's like writing something on paper then burning it...TO LET IT GO. I realize it's a free world (kinda) and people have the right to say whatever in response. Plus, some people just want to lend a word of support. (Thanks for the intent guys.) But people who take the time to do this on websites (just like customers who fill out comment cards) are more often trolls than not. And honestly, either way, why would I want to restart a cycle by getting feedback on a confession?

Hollywood North

When I tell someone I work in the film business, they automatically assume that I do something more exciting than I actually do.

As a Canadian:

I am proud to say that, even though the crime rates are on the rise. We don't have stupid people calling the police for stupid reasons,like Americans. Calling the police for having the wrong sauce in McDonald's or calling the police for waiting for takeout order.


That song by Miike Snow reminds me so much of my life. I change shapes just hide in this place but I’m still an animal.


Beautiful Angel in #10

You, the most beautiful blue eyed blonde woman I have seen. Yes, you made an impression. You were...

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