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I live on an island, no really, I do I live on an island, surrounded by blue I live on an island, looking always for you I live on an island, so why won't you too?

Stay on the streets of this town...

And they'll be carvin' you up alright They say you gotta stay hungry Hey baby, I'm just about starvin' tonight. what's it take to get a date in this city?

I Still Remember

Grade 2. One of my classmates bit me in the nuts through my sweatpants.


I feel awesome right now knowing that my credit score increased by 20 points!

My financial status

I hope I am not the only one but I have no retirement plan. I am not very talented although most of my life has been spent working hard, trying to stay on top of things financially, but my earning power was never super high and most of my life was spent just paying bills. I have one child that I raised mostly by myself, the father was not living with me although we were married for a long time. He has no money of his own but has been ill most of his life, I also took care of him and now his family takes care of him so our child has to work hard as well. Not only that but I find myself resenting the elite wealthy people who have never had to worry where their next meal was coming from and often share silly anecdotes about their money woes

Anti smoking

I don’t like smoking! I am from Vancouver and morally superior with my yoga.

note to stalker harassing my 1&OnlyTrueLove

although your stalking Her has caused Her&me pain and misery and of us being apart, this life is a drop of water in an endless reservoir, and even so as true as black and dark is your heart, what you are doing will come back to you sooner than later as written in your Kahrmic Destiny Memoire, thus i know you are trying to be relentless and unforgiving and gangster-destructive, trying to get your way maliciously and heartlessly unproductive, yet i tell you that as True as the sun rising everyday, the more pain and suffering you cause MyBeloved&me through harassment and keeping us separate, the more pain and suffering you will and shall feel in kahrmic debt payment in cumulative way, because life is a cumulative mirror of that which we each of us do to others in kindness or in unkindness essence, thus your blatant unkindness to Her&me separately and combined will be returned to you in same magnitude of pain and suffering essence, thus i advise you gangster-stalker in kind-loving way, SVP leave Her&me alone before your kahrmic hand is turned in, as there will soon come a fateful day, when instead of being the predator wolf you will become the helpless pained prey. Revelation

I'm just thinking

If I wore blackface, I would lose my job... but if Trudeau wears blackface, he gets an all thumbs-up.

I want things to get better

But sometimes my life is just bad. I get up and everything is a mess. I really want to try harder, but I have this horrible thought that Greta might be the next Stalin :/


Gotta stop falling in love with every chick I meet


Tori. There's a first time for...

I was your first client at your new job. I felt a connection, if you did too then please reply...

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