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I realized the irony as I was carrying my purchases from the store. A bathroom scale and two bags of potato chips.

MAN, I sort of feel bad

I am using up so much water for my plants It's really not good. I don't know if I will do that again next year, but I might because it looks so beautiful.

In Awe

Of the talent of my fellow humans that make music on improvised instruments - drumbeats on buckets, beatboxing, techno on pvc pipes, vegetable orchestra...the list goes on. After coronavirus is defeated, I'd love to hear them all celebrate in unison.

Caregiver burnout

I look after a family member with an illness, who lives with me. We're both adults. Since the pandemic, I've been unable to do the activities that kept me cheerful and spending a few hours with others. When I go out on my own, I admit I sometimes don't feel like coming back home. That is my confessions.

New friends needed

I haven't seen my "friends" in over a year. I don't think we're really friends.. So now I'm thinking of ways of making new healthy friendships or acquaintances. I have a lot to offer and this brunch would be better with other people involved. This introvert needs a game plan. I'm in awe of all the people at the beach in groups having a blast.

The World has gotten quieter and it's Wonderful

The World has all these wonderful sounds with less airplanes in the sky less cars on the road less people out and about. If you stop and listen the Symphony of sounds is much more pleasing to the senses. The vibrational tunes are wonderful and I can only hope we keep changing for the better.

The Truth

I screw up pancakes. Gonna try again for breakfast. I'll hit a home run one of these times.

Craigslist Jerks

I've been having a tough time the past few months, like many other people. I recently mustered enough energy to do some organizing in my apartment. Rather than throw stuff in the dumpster, which would have involved very little time and energy, I opted to take pictures of various items and post them on Craigslist. One of those items was an old painting that used to mean a lot to me. It kind of hurts to look at, so I had to get rid of it; too many memories. I posted it on Craigslist under 'free stuff' and received an email from someone within a day. I spent a lot of back and forth time with this person to organize pick-up. On the scheduled day, I waited and waited around for hours. I emailed again to say "Where are you?" Her response was so casual: "Oh, I lost track of time. Can I come in 45 minutes?" Are you f***ing kidding me? Have some respect. Learn some manners. That painting is now in the dumpster; you don't deserve it. Craigslist people are the goddamn worst.


Back in April i bought some seeds, compost and scavenged a few plants from neighbours. Tonight I ate my home grown zucchini with pesto and cheese. It was sensationally yummy . I’m a gardener now and always.


Bike chats and bagels at Solly’s

I was sitting outside Solly’s bagels this afternoon with my friend, when you started talking to...


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