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That time of year again

So I'm very, very faired skinned with nearly white hair. I'm like that all year, but the moment summer rolls around random people suddenly feel the need to come up to me and make comments about my appearance. I just dont get it.. Tell me is that not a bit rude?! I find it very uncomfortable being suddenly looked at like some kind of specimen just because the sun is out. And quite frankly, it's just so awkward. What the hell am I supposed to say to some stranger telling me how quickly I must get burnt. "Um... yeah... thanks for telling me I didn't already know that smartass..." seriously just keep your thoughts to yourself.


I was in a very safe marriage. Big house and a good guy but there was no excitement. I felt trapped. It was a life of excess but I wasn't happy. Money doesn't buy you happiness. I met an artist and he changed my life. He had this zest for life and excitement. I left my husband to be with this man. We were poor but so happy. Everyday was a new adventure. Don't waste your life with someone who is safe spend it with someone who lights your soul on fire.

Boo Boo

I left my money on the table at the Ivanhoe when I went to the restroom. Silly me.

More please

It doesn't really matter what it is, I just want more. To fill the void within.

I confess I’m a total gym rat.

And I just bought a condo with a fully-equipped, awesome gym in the building. And no one seems to use it except me. Awesome perk, my own personal gym, kind of a dream come true for a guy who has paid steep monthly gym dues, put up with crowded peak times for the past 20 years or so.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm leaving Canada. My flights are booked for August 1st. I'm scared, excited, and worried. But I've lived in Vancouver and Canada long enough to know how the system works here. By the way.. you don't realize just how enslaved you are until you try to leave.

Lesson in anger management

Driving with my Lab puppy Sophie sitting in the passenger seat. Got angry at a driver who cut me off and yelled a few obscenities. Heard a whimper beside me and saw Sophie staring at me with the most heart-breaking, frightened look on her precious face. Poor girl thought I was yelling at her. Pulled over, gave her a nuzzle and told her She was a good girl. So sorry Sophie! So I learned a lesson in anger management not from a counsellor or shrink but from my furry little roommate. Lesson learned!


I’m gay in my mid sixties and have had any sex in the last few years.I am sick of porn and need the real deal.I see lots of attractive men but Can’t seem to connect because of anxiety and shyness..

Guess what

Not all of us love bacon. I’m a professional cook and if I hear “don’t you just love bacon” every time I cook it iI’m going to scream. Not really, but it seems like the whole world loves bacon. Ugh.


Riding by

You saw a woman walking along Pender toward Commercial on Saturday night. She was walking very...

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