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Ready for downvotes

I'm a cis gay man & I have a crush on a cute guy in my building, thing is he's married....but here's the thing, his wife apparently has cancer and is receiving treatment at St Paul's.....I kind of hope it doesn't turn out well for her...yes I'm a jerk but, maybe he will change his mind about me.


I was careless & foolhardy, really screwed things up in trying to keep communication on the down low. But they went extreme in misunderstanding me, judging me far too harshly. It's not my fault that I'm new to all that nonsense. He won't even talk to me or let me explain, either. He was a bad influence, seducing me, making me do stuff like cheat. I don't think he really liked me, he just wanted to use me as a plaything. Trying to move on for a couple of years. Stupid clown. I hate him. I miss him.

It's called dope sickness for a reason...

I think the decriminalization of hard drugs is probably a good thing overall, within reason. Where I live, in Gastown, it seems it has been decriminalized since I've lived here anyway (5 years). The one thing the VPD needs to remember is that use and abuse of hard drugs can lead to psychotic behavior including violence, theft, manipulation and more. Just because people are on drugs does not give them a free pass for criminal behavior. Legal-ish drugs, great for them. Crazy behavior, bad for everyone else.

I want to leave

My dad passed away last year and I promised him I would stay with and take care of my mom. She goes to the casino sometimes and lies to me about it. She even went the day before my birthday which ruined it for me. I am ready to leave her. I’ve had enough and can start fresh anywhere. Does anyone have an addicted or lying parent? It’s tough. I’m giving her one more chance but I know it’ll happen again.

Not a backup plan anymore

Some people never want to a relationship to end in such a way as there’s no possibility of ever going back. They’ll do something to make it possible to come back, like leave personal belongings that they have to retrieve, etc. They like to make sure they always have a way in with you, just in case they need to use you as their backup plan. So when they come back weeks, months, or even years later, they’ll just be feeling you out to see if you’re game. It usually happens when their other relationship has ended or is about to. They just hate being alone, so they usually have a few backups they keep on hand to make sure they’ve always got somewhere to go. I didn’t want to accept that the person I loved was like that, but the evidence was overwhelming and finally I had to accept the reality. But I’m not opening the door for them anymore. It’s time to put my best interests first.

Vancouver post #2

Who wouldn’t want to rent a BEDROOM for $1850 / month in a shitty shared apartment on MARINE DRIVE? Is it just me or are these people losing their minds?? Newsflash… your apartment isn’t that great…. Morons

h2o and h2 no no

Ever notice how a drink from the bathroom tap doesn't taste as good as a drink from the kitchen tap? Same pipes, same water. Weird.


Dance with me. This mood calls for insincere intimacy. The light is dim. Your eyes are softened. And I can almost see anything I want you to be. Stay for a while. This opportunity is rare. When we can dream into each others eyes, and wake up still content with what we are. This is my favourite song. I hope it’s yours. It makes me think of what we could never be, when I wander in this maze of you. Dance with me. I’ll be leaving soon.

Last Night

Last night, dressed in my maid uniform, I made and served dinner to my wife and her boyfriend. Afterward he and I talked for awhile before he joined her in bed. I cleaned up the dinner mess then went to bed in my room. He spent the night with her and left in the morning.

I just learned...

That the world can live on without me and it pains me. Feel kinda narcissistic.


Handsome Man with dark cap / florescent...

You were sitting on the right side of the bus just in front of the back door - we saw each other...

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