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Justin Trudeau and Taylor Swift

Justin doesn't have much street cred left, which is why he shouldn't try to lure popular and untainted people into Canada. Built up our infrastructure and make it better so that people want to come to Canada, you old dink.

Befuddled & Perplexed

I confess I'm a bit confused as to why fans would throw objects at performers at live concerts. WTF is that all about?! Get a grip people!!

Wait a minute here…

Let me get this straight…your “love language” involves me having to basically take care of you like a child, shower you with compliments day and night, never disagree or have needs of my own, be available whenever you want me, and treat you like some kind of god? That sounds a lot more like slavery than love, so no thanks.

Positive space mandates

These are terrible! We have to act so PC polite like we are from some puritan age with respect for our elders. Our elders are just people with shitloads of money and zero values now. I don't want to act positive. I want to get belligerently mad because people were sold out in Canada and can no longer afford to live in Canada! All so virtue signalling idiots can have feel-good conversations at cocktail parties. Encouraging positive spaces and shitty times is moronic socialist shit. I hate it.

Strange but true

I just bought my daughter a barbie. It wasn't because of the movie. It wasn't because of politics. Just did because she liked it.


After being a drunk, I now have great insight into how most of society is operating a majority of the time.

CraZy Hoo-Haw

As a die hard liberal, I am having trouble understanding how people use the word “patriarchy” as if it is a tangible thing they can touch and see. It is typically people in university. They don’t speak about much else as real as this. It is explained as the core of their problems, as if they were indoctrinated at a bible camp. It’s such a shame that people can’t see how ideological liberalism has become because leaders latch onto these terms to avoid pressing real and tangible issues, such as needing a housing boom to house everyone (not just whatever minority is socially fashionable at the time). We need a real awakening. If people do not think in more practical terms, they will be dug deeper into the pile of societal shit they are already in, and unfortunately look to these made up terms as the cause and answer. You’re buying into crap. Sorry. At least conservatives call religion what it is. Liberals do not. They’re a little bit crazy and extremist if you ask me. You could compare them to a lot of the radical political groups from other countries with despots.

Vanity in Vancouver

People caring around their Starbucks coffee like it’s the holy grail. Spending hundreds of dollars on lululemon to sweat in. Unfortunately you are from from the persona you believe you are portraying. Try caring for others and get your heads out of the delusional cloud you are occupying. Make Vancouver a better place for all not just your false interpretation of reality.


Overground from Hackney to Clapham Junction

I doubt you will ever gonna read this but… if you are thee guy who stared at me the whole journey...

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