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Apartment bound

Sometimes I feel kind of scared to go I don't.

clueless bus passengers

Stop pulling the cord when the announcement says"next stop:....skytrain station!The driver knows he has to stop,he's not gonna keep going.

The Club

People are funny. Now that I'm no longer single, people want us to come over for dinner all of a sudden. Thing is we're introverts and don't really like to do that kind of stuff with other people.

Hey Co-Worker

I hope you're enjoying your vacation, because I'm still dealing with the ramifications of your poorly done work.

Nobody understands me

A woman stands in line behind me. She has a stroller with a cardboard box in the seat. Me: that's a cute box, how old is it? Her: ( looks uncomfortable , shy smile) ummm... Thanks? Me: (when I leave) It has your eyes. Her: .... Am I nuts? Is this not comedy gold? Gold!

Affordable housing

Article in Huffington Post ...' Vienna’s Affordable Housing Paradise' ... 62% of Vienna Austria's people live in decent social housing. Average rent $350. ==== Election time coming up in Vancouver ==== Spread the word !!!!

Words have meaning

I've worked for hotels all my life and there is one exchange that I keep having no matter where I work. Guest: "Yes I'd like to put my credit card down to cover all charges for my friend." Me "All charges, including the restaurant and the bar?" Guest "Well not that of course! I meant the room charges." Apparently there are a lot of you who have a different definition of "All Charges" so to educate the rest, yes it means everything!

Inner Demons

Sometimes I fly into a rage and I'm not really sure why. I have a lot of good things going for me, but I also have my issues. There are times when I can only focus on the negative and I make myself crazy. I start obsessing about things that I can't control and almost convince myself that everyone has it better than me. Or that people are purposely excluding me. I don't know why I get these thoughts, I try to avoid them, but sometimes they just come through and it's all I can think about.

Past to present...

We don't communicate clearly enough. I know there's been misunderstandings on both sides, but if you'd just talk to me, you'd see there's nothing to fear. I don't want to do anything but support you in all your endeavours and have no desire to impinge on your life. I would never judge you for any choices you've made on your journey through life, 'cause life is too short for regrets. Though you hide it well from those who know you, you judge yourself harshly and feel as though everything is your responsibility. It is not your burden to ensure the livelihoods of everyone you know. We all have to shoulder our choices & hopefully we learn and evolve along the way. You are kind to those who support & nuture you, but please be kinder to yourself as well! You are are not here to just put a smile on your face & entertain others, though you do so with great talent & charm. You are far more than just a performer. You help raise consciousness with your art and deeds. You are an awesome imperfect human with all the foibles that entails & I want you to find as much happiness as you can in this perpetually messed up world. If I don't end up in your universe, I feel very lucky just to have passed through your constellation. Thank you for being you! ♥

No means No

I'm a straight male in my 30's. Recently I got into a huge argument with my lover. She didn't understand that I didn't want to fuck her. I was tired, had a long day and wanted to go to bed. She kept trying, kissing, poking and pissing me off until I screamed at her to end it and let me sleep. Her response? "But you're a guy." I really can't believe I have to have this talk in this day of age.

I joined the 100 club

When I was 5. I was disappointed to discover no oak paneled room with leather chairs by the fireplace. Counting to one hundred held such promise. When my time comes I don't care if I cry like a child

I think I understand now

Once you accept the far left propaganda, they leave you alone and stop slandering you. Hey, just accept Stalin and smile :)

I can understand why Guiliani says "truth is sometimes not the truth"

I was on jury duty a while back , two eminent physicians, both from UBC, testified on either side of the case. One stood up and told the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Later on the other one stood up to say exactly the opposite and his was the same truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. So who did I believe? Who do you believe then when two politicians get up on the witness stand or the pulpit and tell their version of the truth? The only truth is that it's always the first casualty


BC Ferries Langdale to Horseshoe Bay...

I bought a coffee and asked how long the ride is. You said it was short. I didn't know what...