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how do you do it

how do people get up every day and work, cook, take care of kids, go to the gym, clean, groom... I write one assignment and am wiped out for the day. Absolutely no strength to do anything else

I moved here 6 months

ago to Woo a girl. But as time went on I changed my mind and lost my nerve. "Maybe shes not the one". Too much work! Now I'm stuck high up in my office looking out wondering whats next. Is it time to check out or stock up the fridge and bunker down with my warm camel socks for the winter months. Burrrr

Funeral wish

Many modern-day death announcements says something to the effect of "in lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to...". I don't want that at my funeral. I want the flowers. It'll be the only time I will have every received them.

Secret Admirer

Someone drew a heart on my door, never figured out who.

Life Hack Or Adaptation?

I've learned to turn the ringer on my phone off during the weekends, lest I get woken by a stupid robocall.

I made a horrible joke

and she decided that was the tipping point for her. She didn't want to see me anymore. I felt like shit for making her feel so bad. I made myself feel like shit too because I realized that "joke" was against my values as well. Our connection was so special and I just can not stop thinking about her. I know I should move on with life, but the reality is that I rather live with this pain because it reminds me of her.

Let me ask u

Is it mean to have a garage sale and sell every bit of junk a mean, horrible person collected? Then use that money to vanish in to the abyss. When this person took everything you ever had. And never even cared about you, other than a means to an end. Eye for an Eye? Im tired of playing nice! Is that wrong?

Thoughts over a cuppa joe...

I am a magnet for master manipulators. I push back, nothing changes. Ignore, nothing changes. FML. What woodwork are they crawling out of?

Lame ducks

I'm not voting for any of these candidates that are running for Prime Minister. Hell no! They're all the same song and dance all talk no action easier said than done bullshit. Cats and dogs would do a waybetter job than any of these people. Hell, I'll even vote for Garfield and Snoopy. Even Kermit and Cookie Monster would be better choices.


Met you at the federal store

You stopped to say hi to my dog and I. You told me about your silver lab that passed away, and it...

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