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I really miss Oakridge Mall of old...

I drove down 41st today for the first time in years. I grew up in Kerrisdale but don’t live anywhere near there anymore. But driving by there (which is currently a colossal mess of construction), I remembered two things: 1. The Parcel Pickup from the Woodward’s Food Floor. Instead of taking your shopping bags (all paper) to your car, your bagged groceries would disappear into a tunnel in these large plastic bins with numbers on them. You’d receive a ratty plastic shingle with a number on it... and you’d drive your car to this island in the middle of the parking lot where you’d hand the cards to a kid who’d find the corresponding bins and retrieve the bags and put them in the trunk. You didn’t even get out of the car. Or, in my case, the back of the station wagon where I was tasked with holding the bags so they wouldn’t bounce around too much. Seatbelts? Lol 2. That Food Floor had a little Deli sort of thing where you could get Frosted Malts that were the greatest thing ever. Wendy’s Frosty is the closest thing that comes to mind, but for anyone who ever had the original, I’m sure you’d agree it’s far from the same thing. If anyone knows where to get a good genuine local Frosted Malt, please chime in! My parents are long gone, as is the house we lived in, replaced by a large ugly concrete box. Doesn’t matter — not like I’ll ever be able to afford living around there... but nothing will ever take away the wonderful memories.

Two sets of rules

How are people supposed to function as a high performer in their job, when there are two sets of rules. If you're part of the highschool click that DF all day at work, whispering and texting all day then you're accepted as a skacker in the 'cool group' I wish I had the financial means to quit this bs job on the spot and tell them who they really are right before I walk out. Praying for a real miracle.


My mother and I don't get along because I'm the only person who says "no" to her.

OK dude...

... You watch me desperately scrambling to find somewhere to hold on to on a fairly busy sky train, whilst you are standing against the handrail and therefore preventing anyone to get a hold on. Well excuse me for reaching across your FACE so I can hold on whilst the sky train is moving. Oh I'm sorry, did I just 'accidentally' mess up your perfectly groomed hair with my arm? *Smiley face*

she's out there

somewhere out there... and still NOT SLEEPING WITH ME, DAMNIT!

Dental Nightmares

As a kid, I had a horrific experience with my Italian Dentist. Worst breath ever! and yelling to open my mouth " wider wider wider" . I hated going to this guy. It must have impacted my life. I dont fault for not taking care of them better. Finally I went to a very nice dentist who told me most of teeth had to come out. I sat there, and got er done. But now its....D ....D.......DENTURES!!!! Is there anything else out there.? Thank you for reading

Things not to say....

...when a friend tells you how difficult their recovery has been from a recent surgery, it’s probably NOT a good idea to say “LOL” and compare their situation to someone else much older who had a much easier recovery. Another reason I’m seriously doubtful that this friendship is actually for real. People, keep in mind that you can’t possibly know all the details about another person’s health situation, so you should be very cautious about doing those types of comparisons. Every person’s situation is unique when it comes to how their body responds to surgical interventions.

Hollywood North

When I tell someone I work in the film business, they automatically assume that I do something more exciting than I actually do.


That song by Miike Snow reminds me so much of my life. I change shapes just hide in this place but I’m still an animal.

hey you ......

So many years ago we had an affair that started at work. It was a wonderful time but ended with others interfering. I ended up leaving my spouse at the time, but we were apart by then. I ended up getting married again, we eventually reconnected and hooked up again. This went on for a long time, I know this ended up hurting you. We haven’t spoken in years. I think about you and hope you find someone to grow old with as you are a special person. I am very sorry for how you were treated at work and by me. You will always be a love of my life and always in my heart.


Hook, Line, and Sinker

You: silver brush cut, skinny jeans, fish print shirt. Me: brown wavy hair with a blue streak,...

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