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My wife’s privileged upbringing

Me and my wife are educated professionals that can support ourselves. She was brought up in an upper middle class home by highly educated and wealthy parents while I grew up poor(homeless father, neighbourhood stabbings and no dentist poor). Normally it’s manageable but recently the disparity is becoming more apparent(and vexing). We want to install 2000ish square feet of hard wood flooring and she is furious that installers won’t guarantee a finish date or that they won’t give a discount if the job takes longer than expected. When I tell her we will most likely have to pay extra or hand the workers a few hundreds to make sure the job is finished on time, she can’t accept it. She can’t accept that in a wealthy city reliable trades people are more in demand than masters educated professionals. I am getting tired of trying to get this Reno done. All I keep thinking is letting her continue to piss off installers and carpenters, so when we miss our deadlines she will hopefully wake up and realize it’s not how educated you are but rather what you can DO.


In just the last few years, I've noticed that the words "at all" have suspiciously arrived in the retail world. They serve as a form of sheer redundancy or outright confusion. I hear them at the grocery check out when all I've bought is four litres of milk: "Will you need a bag at all?" What is the option being offered? One bag or no bags. There is no "at all". There's no option for less than one full bag, like four tenths of a bag. Why end the question with this weak modification? "Will you need the receipt at all?" I'm sorry, is this not a yes or no question? Are you offering me half the receipt? Why not just ask: "Do you need the receipt?" The "at all" seems to suggest there is a degree of desirability in obtaining the receipt of purchase. There isn't. I either need it or I don't. "Would you like the two-year warranty with that at all?" I don't know, will you charge me less if I'm undecided? When this superfluous phrase is tacked on to any question, my new stock answer is: "Somewhat." Sort of throws them a curve ball.


I'd sabotage my marriage, job, life, apartment, etc just for a single kiss from a certain person. What the f*ck is wrong with me.

Goodnight cookies

I’m gonna order some pot cookies to help me get good night’s sleep. Wonder if they’ll go good with a glass of milk?

University of Beautiful Condos

I can not recognize the place I lived less than a decade ago. The buildings, the cafes and restaurants, the atmosphere, the people - all replaced or sanitized, packaged, refined. Thank god for wreck beach and the regulars who have preserved the culture.

rinse and repeat

I like reading the "You're so hot, got to see you again" posts in "I Saw You", then follow up with the "Fuck off you worthless sack of shit" posts in Confessions.


There was no parking on my street because of all the people who drove to Car-free day.

GPS Fails

Last time I used GPS it literally sent me down a dirt road!

Now that ..

I take anxiety pills, I feel like dealing with co-workers is a hoot . I've even befriended my previous enemies at work and I managed to call my old boss. Wow what a 360. Happy for my self.

A day like any other

I never had a relationship with my father. He was and is a selfish, self-absorbed tiny man who made everyone miserable in his wake. He ruined every holiday and every birthday, every vacation and every family gathering . He left a message just before Father's Day rambling about hoping I wouldn't hate him for the rest of his life and other nonsense . Whatever, I only heard a few words before erasing it, I finally had enough and decided to block him. If he dies, I'll eventually see something on google. He can keep the inheritance that he dangles, using his money to snag attention like the way a person has porkchops tied to their ears so dogs will approach him. It's a nightmare that I'm glad I don't ever have to see or hear from again. I ignore this holiday meant to honor normal fathers. I use it to celebrate my life and freedom from his awfulness. I didn't ask to be born. I didn't ask to come here. He failed his job, his duty, his responsibility. I owe him nothing. I think I'll get an ice cream.


Golden Ears East Canyon Lot

I saw you looking at the map with your cute, overly friendly dog. I was going to introduce myself...

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